A credit card is an excellent and flexible means of payment

With most credit cards you have the following standard options:

  • Making payments, without cash, with the pass;
  • Withdrawing cash at payment machines
  • Pay via internet, based on credit card number and security code
  • Generally accepted both in the Netherlands and in Europe, but much worldwide
  • By default, some basic services are often included as travel insurance, guarantee for purchases and assistance with problems

Extra options

Extra options

The list of additional options is long. Below you can see some:

  • Free gift when applying for a credit card
  • Saving programs for free gifts
  • Discount at affiliated organizations
  • Free legal assistance
  • Free advice for travel organizations
  • Free use of business lounges
  • Free participation special activities
  • Very comprehensive ongoing travel insurance
  • Extra service abroad
  • Discount on use of rental cars
  • Right to better hotel rooms for the same price
  • Discount on dishes in restaurants
  • Free memberships or extra discounts on other organizations
  • Free or discount on multiple credit cards for other members of the family
  • Higher spending limits than standard

If you want to buy something, you have to pay. That is clear. If you buy something with a credit card you can benefit from it, for example because your product is directly insured against theft, which would not be the case with a cash purchase or by debit card. Such options make the use of a credit card interesting. The possibility to save with a credit card by making all purchases with a credit card is also interesting, provided that you naturally repay the expenses immediately at the end of the months, so that you do not have to pay any interest costs. Do you use a credit card little? Then it is best to take a model that is as simple and cheap as possible.

Pay with the credit card.

Pay with the credit card.

With a signature.

Just like any other payment card, a credit card also has a magnetic strip on which the most important information is stored. By simply canceling the card via a (mobile) pin device, the data can be directly verified at the bank and / or credit card organization. However, up to a dozen years ago, a type of carbon device was used in which the credit card was placed and with a hand movement the credit card was then copied onto carbon paper. By placing a signature, the payment was authorized by the credit card owner. The retailer can collect his money with the copy and your signature at the credit card company. Incidentally, this still happens a lot, certainly outside of Europe.


With the rise of the magnetic strip in combination with computer technology, the use of credit card payment has been simplified for some ten years. A combination of the magnetic strip and a unique pin code can be used to pay at restaurants, hotels, shops, airlines and cash at payment terminals. For example, paying for the fuel at gas stations throughout Europe is very practical. Often banks’ normal debit cards are not accepted, but credit cards are generally accepted. It also does not cost you money directly, but is only debited from your account a month later. Very handy for your holiday budget! An additional advantage is that you get a clear paper overview of your fuel behavior. It is also easy to pay for toll roads with a credit card.

Via the Internet.

The Internet has provided for simple (cross-border) transactions, such as buying things abroad, but also booking travel and hotels, etc. To be able to make payments for these products and services, the local possibilities for transferring money from the Netherlands were found to be very limited, expensive and slow. It takes 5 to 7 business days per payment and costs around € 11.50. Here too, the credit card, internationally the most accepted means of payment, appears to be a solution. By simply entering your credit card number in combination with the security code and some other personal details and your payment is in fact. Incidentally, it is good to know that 95% of credit cards reimburse possible fraud with account numbers

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