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Who is the payday loan suitable for? With a payday loan you are guaranteed to build in 100% security. This loan form is therefore ideally suited for people who are looking for financial security. The payday loan has a fixed term and interest. You take out this loan for a fixed loan target. Because if you combine this financing with a fixed loan target such as a car, the total costs that you incur are clear in advance. You must be at least 21 years old and at most 74 years old to take out this loan. Another requirement is that you borrow for a fixed loan target. This money loan is less suitable for people with a recurring need for money.

The payday loan stands for security

The personal loan stands for security

The payday loan is the most ideal form of borrowing for people who want to make a larger one-off payment. The loan is usually requested from us for buying a car. For such an edition it is clear in advance what amount of money you need for this.

You can read about the characteristics of payday loans below:

You can read about the characteristics of personal loans below:

  • A fixed term (it is clear in advance when you have repaid the loan)
  • A fixed interest rate (you always know how much interest you pay each month)
  • So you also know what your monthly amounts are that you pay
  • And so how much money you have to set aside each month (interest + repayment) for the loan

payday loan: a slightly higher interest rate

Personal loan: a slightly higher interest rate

It is good to know that the interest on payday loans is usually slightly higher than that of revolving loans. And have you repaid sums once? Then you cannot record it again.

Take out a loan with Gashier or Fet Credit Financier?

Take out a loan with or Het Financing House?

Of course everyone is free to determine where he takes out a loan. For example, you can take out a payday loan with Gashier. Gashier is a subsidiary of CentreBank. A possible disadvantage of taking out financing with Gashier is that you have to arrange everything yourself. Ask yourself if you are suitable for this. Because in this case we are talking about a very important financial obligation that you are entering into! At Fet Credit Financier, however, you are advised from start to finish and are assisted by experienced advisors. They mediate between you and CentreBank and get the hot chestnuts out of the fire!

Ongoing Credit and flexibility

Ongoing Credit and flexibility

Is it still unclear what amount of money you need? Does it make you feel safe to have some money in hand? Then a revolving credit might suit you better than a payday loan. The advantage of the revolving credit is that you can always withdraw money (up to a limit). The money that you have repaid may also be withdrawn again and again. For this form of credit, you must also be at least 21 years old but no more than 59 years old. As you cannot be personally informed and advised about this, we advise you to contact Fet Credit Financier if you have any questions.


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