Actor and Musical Artist Aaron Dalla Villa Releases New Song Inspired By Role In Horror Movie “Trick” Now On Hulu



New music on Friday!

Aaron Dalla Villa - Smooth Johnny - TipActor and musical artist Aaron Dalla Villa has created a new song called “Smooth Johnny, ” inspired by his role in the horror film “Tower,” which is currently streaming on Hulu. Bearing the same name as his character in the film, this song is available now (October 15, 2021) in digital format via Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Deezer, Napster, and more. points of sale on.

Listen to the song “Smooth Johnny” here:

Aaron Dalla Villa was born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia, and studied music and dance at the prestigious Governor’s School for the Arts in Norfolk, Virginia, in classical ballet and modern classical dance. Before injuring himself, he made a career in dance and worked with NB2-Nashville Ballet Second Company.

After moving to New York City, Aaron continued to act as an actor and appeared in many roles in film, television, and the theater. He has over 50 IMDb credits which include a starring role in the feature film “Commitment“(Distributed by IFC Midnight), a leading role in the feature film”Alpha fault“, a main role in the feature film”All these little things“(For which he also wrote music), a leading role in the series”Duels, “a place on”Gotham, “a place on”Madam Secretary, “a place on”Late night with Seth Meyers, “and voice work for”Hollister, “Star, “Mutual Freedom, “and in the popular video game series”Earth Defense Force. “Additionally, he won the 2015 Broadway World Long Island Best Ensemble award for”Orphans”By Lyle Kessler, directed by James Bonney at the Conklin Theater. He was also nominated for BEST ACTOR for his work in the award-winning short film, “The fold», Directed by Andrew Kiaroscuro. And he recently played the role of Mordred in “CamelotAt the Bay Street Theater in New York.

Due to the global complications with COVID-19 and with the TV / film industry shutting down in 2020, Aaron has decided to dive back into his musical talents and now has music available on all major platforms under his artist name DALLA VILLA.

Aaron has deposited several singles currently available on digital music outlets under DALLA VILLA so far, including “Bring it“(In conjunction with Grammy Award-certified health champion Paul Anthony of Legendary Hip-Hop / R&B, Full Force),”Conspiracy“(Directly inspired by Eminem),”Demon slayer“(Inspired by Kanye West, MF Doom and Nas),”D20: Tribute to the Alpha Rift”(Homage to another movie he made titled Alpha Rift + music video with over 100,000 views) and now the next one “Smooth Johnny” song.

Aaron Dalla Villa is represented by Bonnie Shumofsky of Stewart Talent and Wendy Shepherd of Studio Matrix .com for advertising and brand management.

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