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In I have never, fans weren’t expecting professional tennis player John McEnroe to tell the story of Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan). The use of narrators adds a fun twist to the Netflix show and fleshed out Devi’s thoughts and actions. At one point, Andy Samberg recounted for Ben (Jaren Lewison). Model Gigi Hadid took over from McEnroe and narrated for Devi in ​​Season 2. Actor Megan Suri reveals to prominent Hollywood actor that she would like to voice her character Aneesa if given the chance.

Megan Suri as Aneesa in “Never Have I Ever” | Isabella B. Vosmikova via Netflix

Aneesa is the new girl at school in ‘Never Have I Ever’

Megan Suri debuted in I have never in season 2. Her character, Aneesa, is an Indo-American teenager moving from Toluca Prep to Sherman Oaks High School. On day one, Aneesa immediately wows everyone at school with her effortless look, style, and cool personality. Aneesa’s arrival resurfaces Devi’s insecurities and she begins to see her as a threat.

In the season, Aneesa is kind to Devi and joins her group of friends. As Aneesa and Ben start dating, Devi becomes jealous. Returning to Aneesa, Devi spreads a rumor about her that turns out to be true. Aneesa was previously dealing with anorexia and was seeking treatment. Realizing the mistake she made, Devi tries to apologize to Aneesa, which initially fails. Aneesa’s kindness shines and forgives Devi.

Megan Suri wants Pedro Pascal to tell Aneesa’s story

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Talk to Vogue teens, Suri has a Hollywood actor in mind if her character has her own narrator. For a standalone episode of Aneesa, Suri reveals, “I’d love Pedro Pascal because if you watch any of his interviews he’s so charming and lovable, and I think that’s Aneesa at his heart.” The actor admits it may be a long shot, but still has hope because I have never landed Gigi Hadid as narrator for season 2.

At Reddit, fans are already hoping to see more of Aneesa’s personal story in Season 3. One user even commented that he wanted to see Aneesa have her own episode narrated. Fans might not have expected Suri to choose Pascal as a possible narrator for his character, but his reasoning is 100% accurate. Pascal is a Chilean-American actor who made a name for himself as Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of Game Of Thrones. In 2019, Pascal rose to prominence for his title role in the Disney + Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

What other work is Megan Suri known for?

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Suri has been acting since she was a child and continues to thrive as an actress. Before landing the role of Aneesa in the Netflix series, she appeared in other on-screen projects. In 2017, Suri had many minor roles in shows such as BONE, Modern family and Advice. She even played the role of a character named Rachel in the hit crime drama, How to get away with a murder.

Suri’s longest televised role was in the 2017 comedy-drama series Atypical. She joined the cast in 2018 as a minor character named Quinn. Fans of I have never might recognize Suri as an unknown character in the episode “College Interview” in 13 reasons why. Suri to play Veena in Aneesh Chaganty’s sequel Research.


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