Adele’s Reality TV Position: “My Brain Will Die” If I Watch It


Adele is too busy for reality TV, but even when she has free time, there are some shows that she refuses to watch.

On the last episode of “Power of Makeup” on popular YouTube channel NikkieTutorials, host and makeup artist Nikkie de Jager asked Adele if she had watched The real housewives franchise since moving to Los Angeles.

“I don’t. I don’t. I can’t,” said the 15 Grammy winner. “I know a lot of people love it. I can’t. Because my brain is going to die. I can’t. Plus, I don’t know who they are, so I don’t feel like I can start. with the it starts when it’s been going on for so long. But then also, I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t work for me. I once watched an episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey when they literally killed each other, but that was too much. I was like, I can’t. “

Adele admitted she was guilty of watching “mind-numbing television”, but when the urge strikes, she usually watches wildlife programs or “something I’m actually learning, educational.”

“As Island of love? “Nikkie joked.

“I can’t stand this spectacle!” Adèle answered. “Oh, my god. My son’s dad loves stuff like that. And I remember one time I tried to get in when I was home for a summer doing shows. couldn’t believe it. And she said to me, “I hope my mom is proud of me”, and I’m like, “You all have sex on TV!” Actually having sex. “

Adele was even more beside herself when Nikkie explained the concept behind The island of temptation, where couples go on the show, go their separate ways in different homes and see if they can survive being seduced by singles: “They go on this show on purpose ?! People will do anything to be famous. It’s crazy. . That’s crazy !”

Watch the full video below.


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