Barren County Keeps ‘Mayberry’ Sensation But Growth Soars

County executive judge says businesses and residential areas are growing

GLASGOW, Ky. –Not long ago, Barren County was considered a sleepy county.

Fast forward about a decade, and the rural feeling hasn’t changed at all. However, the size of the population, the growth of small and large enterprises are booming.

Executive Judge Michael Hale says about a decade ago he saw a trend of people living here but mostly working outside the county.

In 2022, Barren County has lost none of its agriculture-centric rural charm.

Hale says that’s the exact reason people and businesses seek them out.

“I am very proud of our community. It grows. It’s moving and people want to be part of it,” he said.

Hale says the proof is in the pudding. With thriving small businesses, grassroots businesses, murals, gigs, superstars, Airbnbs and more coming to Glasgow every day, new faces and businesses can’t help but gravitate.

He said: “Someone who moved here said, ‘We couldn’t find Glasgow and Barren County. He found us. So we are doing something right.

Hale says the tourism industry is a big reason Barren County has retained its aesthetic while enjoying real estate.

Landry Steenbergen of Barren County Tourism said, “There are things happening this summer and then next year, and it’s attracting a lot of people. It’s super exciting to see people wanting to be here and come. So keep coming, and we’d like to have everybody.

Hale says we should expect a big new company announcement in the very near future. Between that, Warren County’s Batter Factory providing 2,000 new jobs and a new generation of homeowners looking to buy, creating more housing will remain a priority for Barren County.

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