Best Songs From The Movie Franchise, Ranked

A boy and a girl meet during summer vacation and fall in love. When the new school year begins, they unexpectedly find themselves in the same class. This narrative has been explored in thousands of teen movies throughout cinematic history, but one of the most successful in doing so was musical high schoolthe Disney franchise that rocketed its cast to stardom, grossed millions, and paved the way for all the other teen productions that were to follow.

The first film of this saga musical high school was released on The Disney Channel in 2006, and it followed the love story between Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens), two young teenagers from different backgrounds who had to confront their loved ones in order to pursue their romance and realize their dream of playing together. The cast also included Ashley Tisdale as the fabulous Sharpay Evans, Lucas Grabeel as Sharpay’s equally talented brother Ryan Evans, and Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman as Troy and Gabriella’s best friends, respectively. This first film was such a success that in 2007 and 2008 two more films were released: High School Musical 2still on The Disney Channel, and High School Musical 3: secondary year, theatrically. The three films were full of common clichés and, more than once, fell into the obvious. In fact, critics weren’t impressed with the films, but audiences were: the first film was watched by more than 100 million viewers and, according to Business Insider, Secondary year grossed over $250 million worldwide.

One of the greatest attractions of these films was undoubtedly their songs and musical numbers, many of which were highly produced, which kept certain verses present in the memory of the public even 16 years after the premiere. Their success was so great that they not only recorded soundtrack albums for each film, but also released a documentary and even a live tour in over 40 countries. This article presents the best songs of the musical high school franchised, classified.

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8 Start of something new

Gabriella from High School Musical

This song was the opening number of musical high school, not only because it was the first song in the entire film, but also the one that brought the main characters together for the first time. Troy and Gabriella were both enjoying a karaoke night while on vacation. They had never met, but fate brought them together to perform a superb rendition of “Start Of Something New”. Coincidentally, that moment really was the start of something new for them: their chemistry became undeniable, and once they found out they were attending the same school, their relationship only grew.

7 bet on it

High School Musical's Troy Bolton

In High School Musical 2, we find Troy extremely upset and confused. His summer vacation didn’t go as he planned: he took a job alongside Gabriella and their friends for some group fun, but when Sharpay tempted him with a potential scholarship and he gave preferential treatment, he inadvertently alienated his friends, which even caused his girlfriend to quit and leave. Within this daunting scenario unfolded the song “Bet On It,” in which Troy, backed by possibly the best backdrop in the entire franchise, sorted his thoughts and decided which path to follow. This song was trending on TikTok, with hundreds of users recreating the scene at their nearest golf course.

6 The boys are back

Troy and Chad from High School Musical

Just like people, friendships evolve over the years. When we are young, we enjoy the company of our friends, inventing thousands of games and adventurous scenarios. As we age, the importance of the presence of friends evolves: we no longer play pirates or princesses, but we face new situations every day that we want to share. Sometimes these situations are good, sometimes they are not, which is why we turn to our friends for advice. In adulthood, circumstances change, but we still fondly remember those fun afternoons spent playing with childhood friends. That’s why “The Boys Are Back” is a song that really struck a chord with the audience. It’s easy to sympathize with Troy and Chad, two friends who, for a little while, forgot their troubles and became kids again. It’s a musical number that not only takes you back to childhood, but is also visually appealing, with great choreography and even iconic movie references.

5 A night to remember

Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical 3

A very interesting thing about many musical high school songs is that, as mentioned above with the duo of Troy and Chad, it was quite easy to relate to the situations the characters were going through if one was part of the teenage audience. The same goes for “A Night To Remember” by High School Musical: secondary year, where we saw the characters getting ready for their prom night in a totally different way. On the one hand, we saw the girls happy and worried about what awaited them, choosing between thousands of dresses and hairstyles with high hopes. On the other hand, the boys were confronted with the same situation, but their attitude was different: for them, it was the night of their nightmares.

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4 Maintain the status quo

High school musical cast

It’s one of the best songs of all musical high school franchise. “Stick to the Status Quo” is about a teenager’s struggle to fit in with the crowd, while discovering that he has multiple passions that aren’t considered cool, or at least don’t fit into that. crowd. When East High found out that Troy, the Wildcats’ star basketball player, wanted to be a singer, the student body went wild. A few, encouraged by Troy’s situation, decided to reveal their secret passions, like Zeke, who dreamed of being a professional pastry chef and making the best crème brûlée. The vast majority of students, however, did not accept this situation, nor were they ready for things to change, so they were simply told to stick with what they already knew.

3 Fabulous

Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical

High School Musical 2 finally gave the audience what they’ve been waiting for a long time: a solo performance by Sharpay. “Fabulous” isn’t the only amazing song from this character. In fact, it’s important to mention two very close ones: “I Want It All”, which is one of the franchise’s best musical numbers, and “Bop to the Top” – two iconic songs that not only reflect Sharpay and his talented brother’s desire to succeed, but also their relationship with each other. “Fabulous,” however, focuses entirely on the perfect life Sharpay wished she had. The musical number was not to be outdone either: a beautiful scenography, movements choreographed in the smallest details, an extremely pink color palette, not to mention a real piano in the swimming pool!

2 We’re all in the same boat

musical high school

This is the last song musical high school, and it really is a wonderful choice to conclude. In “We’re All In This Together,” we saw the entire cast in the school gym singing about friendship, the importance of being together, and showing their love for East High. It was the first song that featured the entire cast, and largely the one that remains in the public’s collective memory to this day. It’s also the best known and probably the most danced routine in the entire franchise.

1 To liberate oneself

Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical

The first place in this ranking goes to a song that has probably been sung thousands of times in karaoke all over the world: “Breaking Free”. Troy and Gabriella’s performance in the school play to the tune of Kelly’s piano was the moment audiences had been waiting for during musical high school. Despite their activities that day – Troy’s basketball game and Gabriella’s academic decathlon – they arrived just in time to sing, supported by their friends, who finally understood how important it was for them to achieve their dream. The couple was able to prove that it was not necessary to give up one passion to pursue another.

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