Bette Midler Says Manchin Wants America To Be Like West Virginia: “Poor, Illiterate, and Tense”

Actress Bette Midler, a frequent and fierce critic of Republicans on her Twitter account, called the senator. Joe manchinJoe ManchinOn the money – Democrats blame Build Back Better explosion McConnell: Manchin’s opposition to Biden plan ‘a big hit in the arm for the country’ Harris says ‘the stakes are too high’ for let Build Back Better be about Manchin PLUS (DW.Va.) Monday, while also criticizing his home state of West Virginia.

Midler said Manchin “sold us out,” apparently in reference to his Democrats’ agenda to block social and climate spending, and added that he wanted the rest of the country to be like West Virginia: “Poor, illiterate and tense “.

The Hocus Pocus actress said the “rest of America” ​​just wanted “to move forward, not back down, like her state.”

The 76-year-old actress ‘remarks drew criticism on Twitter and Midler then tweeted an apology for generalizing West Virginia residents, though she continued to call Manchin, asking’ Is he really the best. [West Virginia] must offer its own citizens? ”

Manchin has been criticized for his continued financial involvement in Enersystems Inc., a coal brokerage firm he founded in the 1980s and ceded control to his son in 2000. The senator still owns millions of dollars. shares of the company and receives annual dividends.

Last year, Midler slammed Senatorial Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) For using a McConnell image listing Kentucky’s low national rankings in areas such as education, employment, and opportunity. economic.

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