Billionaire Jon Stryker buys Hollywood castle from Norman Reedus


In 2015, New York architect Jon Stryker paid $ 6.8 million for a famous Los Angeles home: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Storer House. One of four Mayan Revival-style textile block homes designed by Wright in Los Angeles, the Storer House was built on the side of a near-sheer bluff, directly overlooking the eastern end of the Sunset Strip. (At the time of Stryker’s purchase, the $ 6.8 million was the highest amount ever paid for a Frank Lloyd Wright residence, a record since eclipsed by the nearby Ennis House.)

Thanks to a restoration project by former owner Joel Silver under the constant supervision of Wright’s grandson Eric Lloyd Wright and the Los Angeles Conservancy, the Storer House is perhaps the best-preserved Wright house on the West Coast. , although its annual maintenance costs continue to be astronomical. It certainly helps that Stryker is a billionaire heir to Stryker Corp’s medical equipment fortune. – Forbes says his current net worth exceeds $ 4.5 billion, making him the 222nd richest person in the United States.

At the top of the cliff just above the Storer House is a large castle-style mansion. Built in 1926, the medieval castle-style home spans over 7,700 square feet on multiple levels, all with windows overlooking the entire LA Basin and the Storer House.

Last year the castle was sold for $ 8.5 million to “Walking Dead” actor Norman Reedus and his partner Diane Kruger, who quickly grew bored of the place, putting it up for sale. this summer with a request for $ 9.2 million. Just sold for $ 8.9 million at a discount, records reveal the new owner just happens to be next door neighbor – Jon Stryker himself.

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