Black Crowes release new Brothers Of A Feather concert film



Black Crowes release new Brothers Of A Feather concert film

According to, The Black Crowes have released a new concert film, “Brothers Of A Feather”, which is available to stream exclusively on The Coda Collection. The film celebrates the reunion in 2020 of the Robinson brothers, who make up The Black Crowes, since they announced their separation in 2015.

The film captures the Black Crowes performing songs on stage for a sold-out crowd in San Francisco from early 2020. In the trailer, Chris Robinson can be seen in dull black and white, singing with his powerful voice. and gritty and playing the harmonica. . Rich Robinson is by his side, strumming his acoustic guitar for the San Francisco crowd. With acoustic guitar, songs sound more intimate and folkloric, instead of the high-energy roughness that electric guitars bring to studio sound.

In the trailer, the brothers perform stripped-down arrangements of their classic songs, like “She Talks To Angels”, “Remedy” and “Wiser Time”. There is a small section between the songs where Chris Robinson talks to the audience about how it feels to play the songs with Rich. He told the crowd, “It was really cool because it’s the closest to how most of these songs were written. You know, just me and Rich on our own.

The Black Crowes had planned a reunion tour 2020 back in 2019 in hopes of celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Shake your Money Maker. However, they were forced to postpone their tour until the summer of 2021. The tour features 39 dates and is scheduled to begin July 20 in Nashville, TN and end September 25 in Bethel, NY.



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