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Borrowing money can be a time-consuming process. Whether you need a quick loan of a couple of thousand notes or a larger private loan of 100 thousand USD , you obviously want to find a loan with the lowest interest rate. Today, there are a huge number of lenders in Sweden, who all compete for customers by offering as low interest rates as possible. Comparing all of these can take a lot of time. For this reason, many choose to use a loan broker, to save both time and money. Here we tell you more about loan brokers and how they work.


What is a loan broker and how does it work?

loan broker

A loan broker is a company that provides loans (as the name implies). Thus, they do not lend any own money, but instead cooperate with a variety of banks and lenders and offer their services directly to customers.

The service works by applying for loans directly on the service’s website. That application is then forwarded to all the banks with which the loan intermediary cooperates. There are usually between 20-30 banks, where everything from major banks such as Nordea and SEB to smaller lenders. These will then process your application and return within a few days with a personalized offer. You can then easily compare and choose the cheapest alternative.


Advantages of loan brokers

Advantages of loan brokers

The benefits of this type of brokerage service are many. On the one hand, they function as a price comparison service, where you can quickly get the cheapest price from a variety of companies. In addition, you only need to submit one application, which is then used to apply for loans from 20 – 30 banks at the same time. The application is not binding, and if you are not satisfied with any of the offers, you can cancel the process. Finally, the service is free of charge and only one credit examination is applied at the time of application. A loan broker makes money through commission from the loans they provide and does not charge any fees from the customers.

In summary, the advantages are:

  • You save money and time
  • You only need to fill in one application, which then goes out to many banks
  • The service is not binding
  • It is free to apply
  • Only one UC check is made


Examples of loan brokers

loan brokers

There are a number of different services in Sweden that mediate private loans to Swedish customers. Here is a small selection:

  • Reading. This is a service that is usually called “Sweden’s most popular loan intermediary”. They offer mediation of private loans of USD 10,000 – 500,000. The lowest interest rate is 2.95%. They cooperate with a large number of banks, as many as 30, so you have a high chance of finding a long-term private loan. You can read our review of Reading here.
  • Smart Borrow. This is a free service that allows you to apply for loans from 30 banks and with a response within 24 hours. Here you can apply for private loans of up to USD 600,000, with up to 18 years of repayment period. We have reviewed Smart Borrow here.
  • Freedom Quest Finance. Offers private loans from a variety of partners of up to USD 600,000, with a lowest interest rate of 3.25%. The installment period is up to 18 years and you can easily apply directly online. Please read our review here.
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Everything about creditworthiness and interest rates /everything-about-creditworthiness-and-interest-rates/ /everything-about-creditworthiness-and-interest-rates/#respond Sun, 29 Dec 2019 07:46:21 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/everything-about-creditworthiness-and-interest-rates/ The word credit rating is a measure of your ability to repay. The term is used by lenders to determine how much risk they take when lending money to you. A person with a high credit rating has a high repayment capacity in the future, and therefore poses a lower risk to the bank. The result is a high probability that the loan will be granted, a higher loan ceiling and a lower interest rate.

For example, people with a high credit rating are people who own their own housing, have a high and regular income and no or a single loan. A medium credit rating can mean that you rent your home, have some loans and a medium income. A person with a low credit rating usually has many debts, payment notes and no assets, such as tenancy.


How do you calculate the credit rating?

There are a number of different services used to calculate the credit rating, of which UC is the most common. There are a number of different things in the calculations. The most important thing is your income. Wages are calculated as income from permanent employment. If you go to a cash fund or a grant, this is not counted as income. Then there are things like whether you are married, have children who live at home, whether you live in rental or condominium, and how high your expenses are each month. You also look at your repayment history and loan history. If you have had many smaller loans and have also had difficulty repaying these, your credit rating will be lowered.You simply look at your overall life situation to assess your future ability to pay for the loan you want.


The number of inquiries and the credit rating

credit score

It is important to know that the number of inquiries (credit information) affects your credit rating, regardless of whether the loans were granted or not. The reason is that this indicates that you had a hard time getting a loan granted earlier, or that the money was not enough and that you want to borrow even more money. Therefore, in order not to lower your credit rating unnecessarily, you should avoid applying for many small loans regularly, it is better to then wait and take out a larger loan on an individual occasion. One should also be aware that a credit card is considered a continuous request. If you have one but you don’t use it, shut it down at once.


What are payment notes?

credit payment notes?

A payment note is recorded when you have failed to pay a bill, after which it has passed on to the Corona Magistrate for measurement. Thus, you do not receive a payment note just because you pay a bill late or if it goes to a debt collection company. It is only when you do not pay the bill from the debt collection company, and it goes on to the petitioner, that a payment note is registered. There are thus many chances to pay the money before a payment note is registered.

When you have a registered payment note, it remains in your register for one year, regardless of whether the debt is paid or not. This has a negative impact on creditworthiness as it is a clear sign that you have neglected to pay your debts on time.

Some lenders grant loans despite a note of payment, provided that your life situation is otherwise arranged with a regular income and a reasonable number of other loans. However, one should expect a slightly higher interest rate in that case.


Here’s how you affect your credit rating

credit loan

You should always ensure that you have as high a credit rating as possible, since it regulates all occasions where a credit check is done. This applies not only to loans, but when you want to rent or buy a home, sign up for a mobile subscription or sign up for a credit card. To avoid lowering it, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you have a high and regular income
  • End as many of your loans and credits as possible
  • Avoid drawing too many requests
  • Only borrow if you really need and no more than you can afford
  • Pay bills on time


Credit check manual

Credit check

Finally, we will present here the concept of “manual credit testing”. This is something that a lender can use if your future ability to pay is good, even though you have problems with the economy before. For example, if you have a payment note that comes from a very small bill and if it is paid, the lender can nevertheless grant you a loan in a manual credit check, provided you have a stable income and an organized life situation in general. This is up to the individual lenders and they all have different requirements in their manual credit checks.

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Get money almost instantly with a quick loan /get-money-almost-instantly-with-a-quick-loan/ /get-money-almost-instantly-with-a-quick-loan/#respond Sat, 28 Dec 2019 08:33:35 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/get-money-almost-instantly-with-a-quick-loan/

Most large loans, such as car loans and mortgages, are taken advantage of when a large amount of money is needed, but these types of loans are usually taken through the bank where the loan process takes quite a loan time. How, then, should you really go about if you need money fast to cover sudden expenses or to acquire something that must have right now? Well, you usually turn to cheap quick loans.


How Do Fast Loans Work?

How Do Fast Loans Work?

When talking about fast loans, you usually refer to SMS loans and similar fast loan types. These are not possible to apply through the bank, but you can instead apply to lenders online. You can apply for a quick loan or SMS loan very quickly and easily as long as you have Mobile BankID to confirm your identity. All you have to do is enter some information about the loan amount, the desired repayment period and information about yourself.

Shortly, the lender has looked over one’s application and either granted or denied it. If your application has been granted, you will receive a loan offer from the lender that you can choose to accept. Signing the application is done as stated by confirming their identity via mobile BankID. Now you will soon have the money in your bank account.


Advantages of fast loans online

online loans

In addition to the fact that it is really fast to take a quick loan online, there are a wide range of advantages when comparing this type of loan with a standard bank loan. In many cases, banks place high demands on having to have a fixed income where you make quite a lot of money each month. As if that were not enough, you often have to show a security, and you cannot choose for yourself exactly what you want to use the money for without the bank having its own opinions on the matter.

All this can be avoided if you take a quick loan online, as you decide for yourself what you want to use the loan for without having to account this to the lender. For the most part, you do not need to show any security, and you also do not have long bank meetings where you have to persuade the lender that the money will be used for something “sensible”. A fast loan is simply a very easy, fast and easy loan to take if you are in need of quick money.


Compare fast loans at SecureBanker

money loans

SecureBanker is a site where you can find the perfect fast loan for all occasions. SecureBanker is not itself a lender, but it gathers and compares a large number of high quality lenders so that one can easily choose the loan that suits one. All lenders have different age limits, possible loan amounts, repayment times and the like, so that is precisely why it is well worth looking through many different before deciding. SecureBanker helps one on the road to find the perfect fast loan no matter the time.

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Loans for emergency renovation /loans-for-emergency-renovation/ /loans-for-emergency-renovation/#respond Sat, 28 Dec 2019 08:04:20 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/loans-for-emergency-renovation/

Has the roof started to leak or the kitchen tiles come loose? Sometimes there is an urgent need for renovation and also an urgent need for money. Here you will find out more about how you can borrow money for emergency renovation in a smart and safe way.


Borrow for renovation

renovation loan

It has become popular to borrow money for renovations. Today, the market for fast loans is larger than ever and renovation is one of the main reasons why many people choose to apply for loans. Renovation is investment, it says, and that’s right! When you renovate, you increase the value of your home. If you intend to sell or rent out in the near future, a minor renovation can be a great idea.

So-called renovation loans are available in a variety of variants in the Swedish credit market. Most are not at all called renovation loans, but loans without collateral are a more common name. When you borrow unsecured, you can use the money for exactly what you want. An unsecured loan from the bank can give you up to USD 500,000 with a repayment period of between 1-12 years. However, how much you can borrow and how long depends on how good your credit rating is.


To think about when borrowing money for renovation

There are two ways to borrow money for renovation. The first option is that you apply for private loans with the bank. The terms are usually better than with a credit company, but it also takes longer to get the money paid. Another disadvantage is that 99% of all major banks cooperate with Upplysningscentralen (UC), Sweden’s largest credit information company. Every time a credit report is made on you via UC, this is registered. Too many credit reports at UC can damage your credit rating in the long run. Do you know that you already have several credit reports with UC, then it may be a good idea to apply for a loan without UC instead. This type of loan is offered by private credit companies operating online.The interest rate for loans without UC is higher but on the other hand you get the money faster and you maintain your credit rating.


Borrow money directly for renovation

Borrow money directly for renovation

Are you in urgent need of renovation or repair? Frost damage, leaking roofs, mold, broken tiles and broken pipes are common reasons why we choose to take up the renovation work earlier than imagined. In that case, you can borrow money directly through fast online loans. When you borrow money online it goes very fast. You fill out an online application, send within a few minutes and get an answer right away. If everything looks good from the lender’s direction, the money will be sent to your bank account within 24 hours and you can get started with the renovation plans right away. Smart, simple and effective.


Something we never tire of repeating is the importance of first comparing loans BEFORE applying for a loan online. Different credit companies have different conditions and it is not always that the terms are completely room clean. Using a comparison service, you can sort out less serious lenders who make unreasonable demands and offer loans with sky-high fees. At MoneyScouter you can compare the best loans on the market quickly and free of charge. We help you make a smart financial decision so you can devote yourself to the renovation work instead. MoneyScouter only works with certified lenders who are under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Welcome at any time of day.

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Collect your loans and save money /collect-your-loans-and-save-money/ /collect-your-loans-and-save-money/#respond Tue, 24 Dec 2019 08:36:47 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/collect-your-loans-and-save-money/

A collateral loan is a form of loan where the lender or bank will redeem your current debts and transfer them to a new, individual loan. That loan is in the form of a private loan (also known as a mortgage loan). This is a loan that is taken out completely without collateral. When you combine your existing debts and loans into a collective loan, you not only save on interest costs, but you also do not have to pay any fees and other fees separately for each loan.

The money you save can be used to pay off the loan faster. It is always advantageous to pay off the loan as soon as possible, so that you quickly become debt free. In addition, the monthly interest cost decreases as the debt decreases.

Having small debts and credit in several different places is always a worse deal than having individual, larger loans. Therefore, mortgage loans are increasingly popular and they help many people organize their finances and become debt free.


How do I get a mortgage loan?

mortgage loan?

Applying for a collateral loan involves a bit more work than just applying for a regular private loan, but it is not very complicated. First, turn to a lender offering mortgage loans. You can read our reviews to find an affordable lender that meets your needs. It is also possible to use a loan broker, which allows you to apply to several different lenders at the same time.

When you apply for collateral loans, you go through the same process as for private loans. You may enter your personal information and must comply with the bank’s basic conditions. A credit check is then made. You also need to provide information about the credits, debts and installments that you want to include in the collateral loan.

The lender will then check the conditions to settle all your debts and collate them under a joint loan. They will come back to you with a personalized offer so you can see how much money you will save. Then you sign the loan agreement and the loans are converted into a collective loan. You do not have to settle your debts yourself, but instead you authorize your new lender to do this for you – this means you do not have to deal with administration.


What is required to take out a mortgage loan?

mortgage loan

The exact terms differ between the different banks. You can study the terms and conditions on our website to see which suppliers are right for you. Generally, the same conditions apply as when taking out private loans, ie you need a regular income from work, that you do not have payment remarks (exceptions exist) and that you are of legal age and written in Sweden. The maximum amount you can borrow and the interest rate are determined by your own circumstances, such as your credit rating, your income and your future ability to pay.

To make the mortgage loan as cheap as possible, it is important to have a high credit rating. Creditworthiness is determined by the size of current liabilities, income, possible payment remarks and the result of the credit investigation. Here are a few tips to help you lower the interest rate on your mortgage loan before applying:

  • Pay off smaller debts entirely if you can afford instead of including them in the mortgage
  • Use the co-applicant if you have low income or payment remarks
  • Avoid applying for loans too often, as many applications lower your credit rating


What are the Benefits of Collective Loans?

home loan

Very many people choose to convert their small debts into a joint mortgage loan. Briefly, the benefits of this are the following:

  • You get a lower interest cost even though the total debt is the same
  • You save money on administrative fees
  • Instead of several different invoices that risk being missed, you only receive one invoice each month
  • The money you save can be used to pay off the debt
  • You become debt free faster


Which Lenders Offer Collective Loans?

Collective Loans?

Many of the lenders offering private loans also have collateral loans in their range. The Highlend Credit Comparison Service allows you to apply for private loans of up to USD 500,000, which can also be used to collect your existing debts and credits. Read our review of Reading here. The loan broker Freedomlend Finance also offers corporate loans at a slightly higher amount, up to USD 600,000.

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Borrow 300 USD to your account within 10 minutes. /borrow-300-usd-to-your-account-within-10-minutes/ /borrow-300-usd-to-your-account-within-10-minutes/#respond Mon, 16 Dec 2019 08:20:11 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/borrow-300-usd-to-your-account-within-10-minutes/


Do you need 300 USD in your account within 10 minutes? Of course you can! This solution works and solves your problems!

There are times when you need 300 USD as quickly as possible. Where can you borrow 300 USD without much hassle?
Easiest solution: request a mini loan. A mini loan is a loan that you can take out quickly and effortlessly, the money is in your account within 10 minutes. That 300 USD is then immediately on your account. Once the money is on it you can immediately pay off your debts.

Where do you need to take out a mini loan?

Where do you need to take out a mini loan?

There are various advertisements of mini-loan providers on the internet. So take a good look at what you can find and request a mini-loan from different providers. This way you increase the chance that you will receive the 300 USD in your account.

Do you have a negative BCR registration?

Do you have a negative BKR registration?

No worries; in many cases this is not a problem for taking out a mini loan. Look on the internet for the different lenders and request a mini loan from different providers. It is good to know that some lenders do not perform a review at the BCR in Tiel. So if you have a negative BCR coding, there is a big chance that you can still borrow that 300 USD.

Borrow 300 USD despite BCR? No hassle, direct the money to your bank or giro!

Do you want to borrow 300 USD despite a BCR registration? No hassle, direct the money to your bank or giro! You urgently need 300 and you want to borrow that amount despite your BCR registration.

Where can you borrow 300 USD without time-consuming contracts?

Where can you borrow 300 USD without time-consuming contracts?

The solution to your problem is a mini loan. This is a short loan that you can take out immediately, the money will be in your account within 10 minutes. That 300 USD is then immediately on your giro or bank account. Once the money is on it, you can use it for what you need it, for example, pay a phone bill or something else.

Do you have a BCR registration and are you worried about being rejected?

Do you have a BKR registration and are you worried about being rejected?

You definitely have a chance to get that 300 USD. There are a number of lenders who do not perform BCR checks on this mini loan.

Where can I take out a mini loan without the annoying BCR check?

Where can I take out a mini loan without the annoying BKR check?

Several financial providers advertise a mini-loan on the internet without BCR control. It is therefore best to request a mini-loan from various providers via the internet. If you have internet and a cell phone, you can do that request right away. You will immediately hear whether or not your application is approved.

If you are rejected by one provider, then apply to another provider. It absolutely happens that you get rejected for one but the other one gets 300 USD. That is why you too have a chance to get 300 USD in your bill despite your BCR!

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Are you worried that you will not have the proper repayment of loans and other debts? Take advantage of consolidation /are-you-worried-that-you-will-not-have-the-proper-repayment-of-loans-and-other-debts-take-advantage-of-consolidation/ /are-you-worried-that-you-will-not-have-the-proper-repayment-of-loans-and-other-debts-take-advantage-of-consolidation/#respond Sat, 14 Dec 2019 08:05:41 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/are-you-worried-that-you-will-not-have-the-proper-repayment-of-loans-and-other-debts-take-advantage-of-consolidation/

Loans are a means to help you achieve your goals much faster. A tool that gives you the chance to avoid many inconveniences. At the same time, it is an imaginary scarecrow that can put you in a bad life situation. And such that you are unable to repay your ever-increasing debt and you run the risk of execution.

Consolidate loans through the Internet

Consolidate loans through the Internet

This is especially true for people who simply overdo their loans and borrow more than they can repay. Then the family budget is at risk of both man and his financial existence. If you are in such a role, consolidation may help. However, an expression whose meaning may not be known to everyone may be useful to everyone.

How does loan consolidation work?

Consolidate loans through the Internet

To translate this term into comprehensible as much as possible, we will call it “merger”. If you want to consolidate loans, you are actually interested in merging them or if you want consolidation. In practice, this means that all your monetary obligations will be settled by another entity . This is done through one loan of adequate value. You can replace just a few loans with just one. In addition, financial liabilities of various types can be consolidated (see list below). Loan consolidation is offered, among other things, not only by banking but also by non-banking companies, so there is definitely something to choose from.

  • Consumer loans
  • American mortgages
  • Overdrafts
  • Leases
  • Credit cards and more

Advantages of loan consolidation

Advantages of loan consolidation

Every reader of this article probably already knows what the modern consolidation of credit actually brings. From a global point of view, this is the total money savings compared to partial loans. Many will also be pleased to pay only one installment, which will make any family obligations more transparent. Consolidation of loans are mainly lower interest rates, which are proportional to the amount of repayment. Factors such as the extension of the due date associated with the new terms and conditions may also affect its size. The list of pros could of course continue.

  • You can ask for an increase in your target amount, so you can get extra money without losing money.
  • You will owe only one company, which is far better in solving any repayment problems, etc.

The result of the consolidation of loans is primarily savings, which can amount to a few thousand dollars per year.

Be careful when selecting consolidation

As described above, loan consolidation looks like a beautiful dream with a happy ending. And it really can be. Only if you follow a few principles. If you focus on the non-banking segment, address only trusted and quality companies that are guaranteed to not get into an undesired debt trap. Also, be aware of the penalty fees associated with the early payment of your monetary obligations. Sometimes it can be such payments that you simply won’t pay for consolidation.

If you concentrate on merging product loans from a banking institution, be prepared to be subjected to quite stringent chandeliers. For example, you may not be kept in the debtors register and your income must meet all the conditions for being able to repay new obligations. You can often be limited by the maximum amount of loan consolidation, which for most banking and non-banking companies ranges from approximately USD 600,000 to USD 800,000.

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Urgent Borrowing Money /urgent-borrowing-money/ /urgent-borrowing-money/#respond Wed, 04 Sep 2019 10:37:44 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/urgent-borrowing-money/

While the economy is still suffering from recession, fewer lenders are willing to lend you money urgently especially for people with bad credit. In fact, they assume that these people are not worth the risk for a personal or small loan.

If you want to borrow money urgently, there are two types of loans: Safe and unsafe. Safe loans, as the name suggests, are pledged loans against personal assets such as a car or a house. This makes it safer for the bank to provide a loan because there is something in return in case of default. Secure loans are much easier to obtain if you have a good credit or collateral.

Urgent Borrowing Money Is Not For Everyone.

Urgent <a href=Borrowing Money Is Not For Everyone.” />

Conversely, unsafe loans for bad credit do not require collateral and are perceived as a much higher risk for the lender. To compensate for this risk, the interest rates on unsafe loans are usually much higher than for their safe counterparts. Moreover, with an unsafe loan you cannot borrow as much, usually up to € 750 and the costs are much higher. People with a good credit background and error-free repayment history find lenders more willing to borrow a higher amount. So, if you want to borrow money urgently and have a bad credit, you will often find it harder to borrow someone quickly; Still there are options.

Over the years, more and more people have financial problems that damage their credit past, companies such as CashHook have taken steps to provide assistance to them. CashHook understands that even the best borrowers can have problems, and this is unfair for those who have their credit back under control.

Borrow money quickly, try A Mini Credit

Borrow money quickly, try A Mini Credit

Urgent borrowing money is not obvious for people with a bad credit score, websites like CashHook do not offer a solution, they are another excellent way to urgently borrow money. By repaying your loan in time you can build up a positive credit score again, so that if you need an urgent loan next time it is much easier to get it. And over time you can be eligible for other types of loans.

So is not impossible even if you have a bad credit history. In fact, getting a small loan with CashHook is pretty easy and they don’t check your credit in the past, they also refrain from a lengthy application process, you can get your money in less than an hour. The only thing that remains important for your credit score is that you repay the loan within the requested period, usually this is until your next payday. Urgent lending with CashHook is easy, and if you pay everything neatly then you can be confident that next time you urgently need money there is no problem at all in borrowing a small sum again.

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All about Payday Loan – Read all information here! /all-about-payday-loan-read-all-information-here/ /all-about-payday-loan-read-all-information-here/#respond Thu, 22 Aug 2019 10:35:43 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/all-about-payday-loan-read-all-information-here/


Who is the payday loan suitable for? With a payday loan you are guaranteed to build in 100% security. This loan form is therefore ideally suited for people who are looking for financial security. The payday loan has a fixed term and interest. You take out this loan for a fixed loan target. Because if you combine this financing with a fixed loan target such as a car, the total costs that you incur are clear in advance. You must be at least 21 years old and at most 74 years old to take out this loan. Another requirement is that you borrow for a fixed loan target. This money loan is less suitable for people with a recurring need for money.

The payday loan stands for security

The personal loan stands for security

The payday loan is the most ideal form of borrowing for people who want to make a larger one-off payment. The loan is usually requested from us for buying a car. For such an edition it is clear in advance what amount of money you need for this.

You can read about the characteristics of payday loans below:

You can read about the characteristics of personal loans below:

  • A fixed term (it is clear in advance when you have repaid the loan)
  • A fixed interest rate (you always know how much interest you pay each month)
  • So you also know what your monthly amounts are that you pay
  • And so how much money you have to set aside each month (interest + repayment) for the loan

payday loan: a slightly higher interest rate

Personal loan: a slightly higher interest rate

It is good to know that the interest on payday loans is usually slightly higher than that of revolving loans. And have you repaid sums once? Then you cannot record it again.

Take out a loan with Gashier or Fet Credit Financier?

Take out a loan with Findio.nl or Het Financing House?

Of course everyone is free to determine where he takes out a loan. For example, you can take out a payday loan with Gashier. Gashier is a subsidiary of CentreBank. A possible disadvantage of taking out financing with Gashier is that you have to arrange everything yourself. Ask yourself if you are suitable for this. Because in this case we are talking about a very important financial obligation that you are entering into! At Fet Credit Financier, however, you are advised from start to finish and are assisted by experienced advisors. They mediate between you and CentreBank and get the hot chestnuts out of the fire!

Ongoing Credit and flexibility

Ongoing Credit and flexibility

Is it still unclear what amount of money you need? Does it make you feel safe to have some money in hand? Then a revolving credit might suit you better than a payday loan. The advantage of the revolving credit is that you can always withdraw money (up to a limit). The money that you have repaid may also be withdrawn again and again. For this form of credit, you must also be at least 21 years old but no more than 59 years old. As you cannot be personally informed and advised about this, we advise you to contact Fet Credit Financier if you have any questions.


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A credit card is an excellent and flexible means of payment /a-credit-card-is-an-excellent-and-flexible-means-of-payment/ /a-credit-card-is-an-excellent-and-flexible-means-of-payment/#respond Sat, 17 Aug 2019 09:55:18 +0000 http://www.carolchanning.org/a-credit-card-is-an-excellent-and-flexible-means-of-payment/

With most credit cards you have the following standard options:

  • Making payments, without cash, with the pass;
  • Withdrawing cash at payment machines
  • Pay via internet, based on credit card number and security code
  • Generally accepted both in the Netherlands and in Europe, but much worldwide
  • By default, some basic services are often included as travel insurance, guarantee for purchases and assistance with problems

Extra options

Extra options

The list of additional options is long. Below you can see some:

  • Free gift when applying for a credit card
  • Saving programs for free gifts
  • Discount at affiliated organizations
  • Free legal assistance
  • Free advice for travel organizations
  • Free use of business lounges
  • Free participation special activities
  • Very comprehensive ongoing travel insurance
  • Extra service abroad
  • Discount on use of rental cars
  • Right to better hotel rooms for the same price
  • Discount on dishes in restaurants
  • Free memberships or extra discounts on other organizations
  • Free or discount on multiple credit cards for other members of the family
  • Higher spending limits than standard

If you want to buy something, you have to pay. That is clear. If you buy something with a credit card you can benefit from it, for example because your product is directly insured against theft, which would not be the case with a cash purchase or by debit card. Such options make the use of a credit card interesting. The possibility to save with a credit card by making all purchases with a credit card is also interesting, provided that you naturally repay the expenses immediately at the end of the months, so that you do not have to pay any interest costs. Do you use a credit card little? Then it is best to take a model that is as simple and cheap as possible.

Pay with the credit card.

Pay with the credit card.

With a signature.

Just like any other payment card, a credit card also has a magnetic strip on which the most important information is stored. By simply canceling the card via a (mobile) pin device, the data can be directly verified at the bank and / or credit card organization. However, up to a dozen years ago, a type of carbon device was used in which the credit card was placed and with a hand movement the credit card was then copied onto carbon paper. By placing a signature, the payment was authorized by the credit card owner. The retailer can collect his money with the copy and your signature at the credit card company. Incidentally, this still happens a lot, certainly outside of Europe.


With the rise of the magnetic strip in combination with computer technology, the use of credit card payment has been simplified for some ten years. A combination of the magnetic strip and a unique pin code can be used to pay at restaurants, hotels, shops, airlines and cash at payment terminals. For example, paying for the fuel at gas stations throughout Europe is very practical. Often banks’ normal debit cards are not accepted, but credit cards are generally accepted. It also does not cost you money directly, but is only debited from your account a month later. Very handy for your holiday budget! An additional advantage is that you get a clear paper overview of your fuel behavior. It is also easy to pay for toll roads with a credit card.

Via the Internet.

The Internet has provided for simple (cross-border) transactions, such as buying things abroad, but also booking travel and hotels, etc. To be able to make payments for these products and services, the local possibilities for transferring money from the Netherlands were found to be very limited, expensive and slow. It takes 5 to 7 business days per payment and costs around € 11.50. Here too, the credit card, internationally the most accepted means of payment, appears to be a solution. By simply entering your credit card number in combination with the security code and some other personal details and your payment is in fact. Incidentally, it is good to know that 95% of credit cards reimburse possible fraud with account numbers

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