Center for the Development of the Disabled on National Television



Scott Bitting, vice president of HDC Enterprises, explains that Fox visited the workshop because the workshop was among the few to survive federal spending cuts last year and could serve as a model for others through the country.

“Because a lot of workshops, when the funding was taken out, they closed. And the decision here was not to close it. So we started a business within a business, I guess that would be the way to do it So knock on the wood, so far we are successful.

HDC Enterprises is a subsidiary of the Handicapped Development Center which provides employment for workers with disabilities doing packaging and assembly for John Deere, Car-Freshner Corporation, Springfield Armory and other local businesses.

“They can come here, they can work. They earn a salary. And you know, what comes with a salary is dignity and respect and pride, like everyone else. And so it really gives them a It’s also kind of a social for a lot of them. You know, they can’t wait to come to work. So overall it helps fulfill the mission of the Disabled Development Center. help people with disabilities perform at their best. “

Since its inception three years ago, HDC Enterprises has grown from eight to thirty employees, with increasing turnover. The report will air Thursday night at 9:30 p.m. on Fox Business News.


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