“Dennis Rodman and I never dated!” : Hollywood actress once profusely denied involvement in ‘The Worm’ despite Oscar appearance

Dennis Rodman has dated a lot of women but Vivica Fox apparently wasn’t one of them, according to her

The number of women Dennis Rodman has been with, according to the man himself, is over 2,000. This includes everyone from ordinary civilians to celebrities like Madonna and Carmen Electra.

Along the way, Rodman managed to get married 3 times. Annie Bakes and Carmen were his first two marriages, both of which lasted about a year. His 3rd wife was Michelle Moyer, the women with whom he shares two children, one of whom is Trinity Rodman, a nationally ranked women’s soccer player.

Between his romances with Madonna, Carmen Electra and the band, the 5x NBA champion was closely linked to actress Vivica Fox. This is due to the fact that they attended the Oscars together in 1997.

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Vivica Fox has set the record straight on her “romance with Dennis Rodman”

Vivica Fox was asked before the 1997 Oscars if she wanted to attend. Although she agreed almost immediately, it came with a caveat “she had to attend with Dennis Rodman.

During this interview below, Fox confirms that this is true and claims that the first time she even met Rodman was on the car ride to the Oscars. After the event was over, the two exchanged pleasantries and went their separate ways.

However, as they attended Hollywood’s biggest night together, rumors began to swirl about a possible budding romance between the two. As stated above, the two never dated and did so for publicity and nothing more.

What did Dennis Rodman do when he first saw Vivica Fox?

This is not backed up by an incredibly credible source of information. However, it was reported that Rodman once saw himself pee when he first saw Fox in the dress she wore to the Oscars. You can see this quote here.

It’s not the first time he’s had a pretty crazy experience meeting a female celebrity, as the first time he met Madonna, she wouldn’t let him leave her hotel room. It’s up to your interpretation why that was the case.

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