Director Deon Taylor Teases Nicki Minaj Film Project


The week may be slow for the rest of the music industry, but Nicki Minaj apparently remains focused on business. Despite being a relatively new mom, Minaj has something major in the works for 2022 – and it’s not just a sequel to her latest album. Queen. In a new Instagram post, director Deon Taylor of Meet the blacks, fatal, and the release soon, Fear, has made it clear that his next project will involve the pink footprint rapper.

“Wait, everything has become different !!” Taylor captioned a group selfie on her Instagram grid, which features Nicki, philanthropist Robert F. Smith, producer Roxanne Avent, chairman of quality control Brian Sher (who got into film and television from quality control earlier this year) and himself. “Wait until I tell you… .. I’m gone,” he continued, tagging each of the celebrities and using a slew of fiery emojis to indicate his… excitement?

Sher also posted the selfie with similar sentiments, but focused her attention on Nicki in the caption: “There you go …” he wrote, tagging Nicki in the post.

Fans are speculating the project will be a new HBO documentary / docuseries focused on Nicki and her career, as the project was announced in 2020. Nothing official from Onika at this time, but keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming announcement. , let’s hope so.


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