Drew Barrymore flirts with Leonardo DiCaprio after article on climate change



Drew Barrymore heads to the comments section of Leonardo DiCaprio’s social media post on climate to initiate a bit of flirtation with the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent social media post drew heated comments from Drew barrymore. As DiCaprio tried to draw attention to global climate change, the post also unintentionally brought certain sentiments to light. Barrymore took this opportunity to flirt with the actor using a smart line.

Barrymore grew up in Hollywood and starred in his first major blockbuster, AND the alien, at the age of six. Unlike many other child actors, she has lived through the decades in pursuit of her theatrical career. Like Barrymore, DiCaprio also started acting at a young age. Her first major role was in the 1991 sitcom, Growing pains, which also starred Kirk Cameron and Alan Thicke. While the two stars have a long list of credits to their names, DiCaprio and Barrymore have only been in one movie together: the 1992 thriller, Poisonous sumac.

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An Instagram post by DiCaprio was supposed to draw attention to rising temperatures on Earth, but what it really did was kindle the internet a little bit. The innocent post portrays the changes in our climate and also explains the effects it has on humanity. Barrymore initially expressed support for his statements and activism in the comments section. However, things got really heated when she followed up on her initial comment with a pickup line directed at DiCaprio. Check out DiCaprio’s post and Barrymore’s two comments below:

Drew Barrymore Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change

Drew Barrymore Leonardo DiCaprio Climate Change

Aside from being one of Hollywood’s best-known names, DiCaprio is also considered a philanthropist and vocal leader when it comes to environmental issues like climate change. He created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organization that focuses on the sustainable needs of our planet, and sits on several boards of directors for groups with similar interests. Plus, much to Barrymore’s delight, DiCaprio is also considered one of Hollywood’s most eligible singles.

The match actually seems like a dream come true for people who grew up in the ’80s and’ 90s, but Drew Barrymore’s advances are unlikely to be made. Model Camila Morrone has been rumored to have been dating DiCaprio since 2017. The relationship has mostly been kept away from the public. Unfortunately, Drew barrymoreSocial media posts did not elicit a response from the actor. The lack of response doesn’t bode well for the possibility of a budding relationship between the two.

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