Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey in Zagreb to film Jakov Sedlar’s film Franjo Tudjman

January 14, 2022 – Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey is currently in Zagreb for the shooting of a film by Franjo Tudjman directed by Jakov Sedlar.

The right-wing newspaper Hrvatski Tjednik is the only publication in Croatia to have had the opportunity to speak with Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, who arrived in Zagreb a few weeks ago to star in a film about Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudjman , directed by Jakov Sedlar, Jutarnji List writing.

The article points out that Spacey arrived quietly. The controversial Hollywood movie star has revealed that he has been working on the project for the first Croatian president for eight months, and very intensively for about three months.

“It’s my usual work process. Tudjman was a fascinating person, certainly the most important person in the creation of your country,” he said.

Spacey said it didn’t take director Sedlar long to persuade him to accept the role of Tudjman.

“We are friends, and I know he wouldn’t try to do anything bad to me. He spoke very honestly and with a lot of passion about Tudjman; he wanted me to play his friend Franjo and we quickly accepted.”

At the request of journalists, he tried to describe how he felt about Tudjman.

“Based on his available interviews and videos, it is clear that he was a very passionate man who believed in his ideas and in his Croatian people. I think he belongs to that older generation of politicians who were statesmen, not administrators, who thought the people needed a leader to follow, and he did everything to make it so. He was happy, especially on the freedom train. I loves his sincere passion which is lacking in many politicians today.

At the end of the interview, Spacey said he loved Croatia, especially Dubrovnik and Hvar, which he had visited before, and that he loved Zagreb. At the end he said that Croats are tough people and he is sure they will rebuild Zagreb after the earthquake.

In the interview, he did not want to talk about his problems back home in the United States regarding the charges against him for sexual abuse, as he is confident that the court will make a fair decision.

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