Hollywood actress Iris Svis announces the launch of production company Melete Films

Latest confirmed Hollywood news about actress and producer Iris Svis.

Iris Svis is an American actress of Siberian descent who is constantly growing and achieving great success in the film industry. Encouraged by her parents to pursue the arts at a young age, Iris made her first break into the industry when she was just 14 years old and began traveling the world as a professional model.

Iris then moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue an acting career that led to her being recognized and respected by industry professionals. Iris Svis is known for her roles in Soft Voice, The Showdown, The Downside of Bliss and The Laundromat. She has acted in films with Hollywood A-Listers including Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep, Antonio Banderas and many more.

From acting to walking numerous red carpet premieres, even screenings at the Chinese theater, Iris recently confirmed the launch of her own multi-faceted entertainment video and TV commercial production company, Melee movies. Read the exclusive interview below to find out the latest details and more.

Q: Hi, Iris! You have recently had a first at the Chinese Theater! What are the film projects youbeen working since?

A: Hi! I have a few projects in the works and in the works right now, but the biggest and most exciting is the feature film I’m developing with my talented producer and friend Michael Peter Bolus, the amazing writers Gavin Ro Benham and April Lee, and production designer Daria Volynska. It depicts the state our world is in right now and makes you wonder “where do we go from here?” – so it’s both very funny and very scary, haha.

Q: How would have you describe your year then far in a word?

A: Hmmm… “Productive”! From start-ups to firsts to adding another college degree, I get things done! And “brave,” too, if I’m being honest. It was very intimidating to open a production company in the time of COVID, but my co-founders and I did it anyway, and now MELETE FILMS (MeleteFilms.com) is a real thing and I couldn’t be more excited!

Photo, from left to right: Nadin Zarinova, Daria Volynska, Iris Svis, Rudolf Nayshuler

Q: Pleasant! So, How? ‘Or’ What did this idea come around?

A: My co-founders (Daria Volynska and Rudolf Nayshuler) and I have worked together on many projects and in many different capacities. After a while, we realized how well we worked together, how fun the job was, and how motivated we were to combine our skills and turn our great partnership into something greater.

Q: What makes your company support out of any other production company?

A: We are versatile and provide services to suit any project including (but not limited to) commercials, music videos, film and theatre. Our team builds projects from scratch and puts your ideas into action! From our sharp writer Nicholas D. Monteilh, to director Daria Volynska, to our videographer Rudolf Nayshuler, we help you take your vision and bring it shape, form and life. We also have artists on site, such as musicians, actors, make-up artists/prosthetists, etc. that will streamline the creative process while giving each project the individuality it needs to shine.

Q: Any closing thoughts this you‘D As at to share with the world and our readers?

A: Making your dreams come true, whether in your career or in your personal life, is daunting, especially if you’re waiting for the right moment to take the next step. If the last year has taught me anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a ‘right time’ – sometimes you just have to take the plunge and go for it even if you can’t see the net . And that’s okay because the net only appears after jumping. Well, usually… hopefully, haha! But more often than not, it is. And after that, wow, watch out!

Q: Whatit is the better way at dungeon in to touch with you?

A: Of course!

GI: www.instagram.com/irissvis/

Websites: IrisSvis.com; MeleteFilms.com

Learn more about Melete Films – Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TjAtPIRQt0

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