How much is David Harbor worth?


It looks like David Harbor’s hard work over the years has paid off as he’s now a millionaire with jobs sticking out of his ears. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Harbor is worth $ 6 million in 2020. As the same outlet noted, Harbor was initially paid $ 100,000 per episode while filming the first two seasons of “Stranger Things”. That being said, he earned $ 350,000 per episode after receiving a pay raise for the third and final season, per Statistical.

While Harbor is very busy and busy today, there was a time when it was difficult to find work. As previously stated by Battery, he explained to Social Media Week in 2017 that before booking the role of Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things”, he had not worked for five months and was not receiving any calls for auditions. Harbor considered leaving the occupation and returning to school. Instead, he returned to acting class and eventually landed a role on the hit Netflix show.

“To get started as an actor, the odds are already stacked against you. Every year you have a crop of new talent … You have to be extremely tenacious. You have to have a rock solid ego – as you deserve it.” , did he declare. said during a 2017 Social Media Week panel, via The Drum. Either way, Harbor’s efforts certainly paid off.

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