How to Unlock TV, Hologram, and Retro Mode in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Developer Traveller’s Tales has always included tons of secrets and collectibles in its previous Lego games, and The Skywalker Saga is no different. They revamped the core gameplay, which affects every aspect of the game. The Skywalker Saga features a large number of secrets to locate and activate. An unlockable in particular replaces the screen with several filters. This guide will tell you how to achieve this.

Unlocking new filters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Earning these unlocks will require two things: lots of studs and a data card for each filter you want to earn. Finding datapads is difficult, as there are only 20 in the game. This guide will help you grab an easy one to get started.

Once you have a data card, go to the holoprojector and proceed to the extras section. Scroll down to find these additional visual modes. Here’s what each of them does.

  • Hologram Mode – Costs a datapad and 500,000 studs to unlock. This gives playable characters and ships a holographic look. This mode can be combined with either of the other two unlocking modes.
  • Television Mode – Costs a datapad and 250,000 studs to unlock. It adds an old screen effect to the game. Cannot be enabled at the same time as Retro Mode.
  • Retro Mode – Costs a datapad and 250,000 studs to unlock. This will add a retro style screen effect to the game. Cannot be activated with TV mode.

Once you’ve unlocked your favorite visual mode, you can freely turn them on or off through the additional unlock menu accessed through the holoprojector.

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