‘Impact beyond the action’: Dwayne Johnson’s Hollywood co-star apparently once confirmed his candidacy for US President

The NBC series Young Rock featured Dwayne Johnson as a presidential candidate for the year 2032. Ever since the first episode aired, fans have been wondering if Johnson is really looking forward to becoming president of the United States.


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The Rock, who made a successful career in WWE and Hollywood, also made a successful career as a businessman. It’s no surprise that if Johnson puts his name in the hat for US presidential elections in the future, it would be epic.


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A few years ago in 2016, even before Young Rock was released, there were rumors that Dwayne Johnson wanted to become President of the United States. As if he was in WWE, The Rock is also a true “champion of the people” in real life. He has always presented himself as open to public service.

Zac Efron wants Dwayne Johnson as US president

In an interview with The Sunday Times of Britain, Hollywood actor Zac Efron commented on Johnson’s aspirations to become the US president. Efron said, “He wants to have an impact beyond comedy. He could run for president. F**k it, he would be better than anyone at this point. (H/T Vanity Lounge)

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Baywatch’ co-actor is confident ‘The People’s Champion’ will become president. But for now, he wants to focus on his acting career and take care of the companies he has invested in.

Moreover, Johnson did not completely deny the possibility of becoming President of the United States. He is waiting for the right time in his life when he can start a political career after a successful career as a wrestler and actor.


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So far, Johnson has appeared as a residential contestant on his Young Rock produced series. Johnson has a habit of announcing his future moves on his social media and, lately, in his movies and series. Nonetheless, with a clue about the presidential candidate’s candidacy in Young Rock, Johnson will attempt to run for the presidential candidate.

The Rock praised a reporter for an article relating to his presidential run

In 2016, Dwayne Johnson shared a post on instagram which concerned his possible presidential race. He shared a Washington Post article written by Alyssa Rosenberg a few years ago.

In the legend, “Interesting article from the Washington Post about the fact that if I ran for POTUS, I could actually win. The writer Alyssa Rosenberg has done very good research on my background (descendants of slaves fighting for their freedom, revolutionary war, etc.). Much more to discover but well done. 👍🏾 More and more articles like this are popping up due to the presidential election and they are cool/fun to read…”


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He added, “I care DEEPLY about our County…and the idea of ​​one day becoming President to create real positive impact and global change is very enticing. Buuuuut as far as possible, the most important thing right now is strong and honest leadership from our current and future leaders of this country. Thanks again Washington Post. 🇺🇸 💪🏾”.


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He liked the position very much and these data made him more interested in running as a presidential candidate.

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