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Noida: “Ek kadam, bas ek kadam” (one step, only one step) – a jingle composed by ‘Music Factory’, a group of 11 to 13 year olds, all students of Sector 126 Lotus International School, won accolades for their innovation as the Noida Authority announced the winners of the Swachh Citizen Contest on Saturday.
The jingle, which urges all citizens to mobilize for a cleaner and more hygienic environment, was voted best in the jingles category for the competition held on January 1 in five categories – jingles, short films, drawings, paintings murals and street plays — on the theme of “Swachh City”.
More than 300 contestants took part in the contest, officials said. Among them, a maximum of 220 entries were submitted for the drawing/painting category, followed by 32 short films, 25 jingles, 18 street plays and nine murals. The first prize winners in each category, the officials said, will be congratulated with Rs 21,000, while Rs 15,000 and Rs 11,000 will be awarded to the second and third.
Aartee Chhibba Antal, who formed the group Music Factory, said the group composes music for NGOs. “They perform especially for underprivileged children not only to educate them but also to raise awareness about different social issues,” Chhibba said.
The group also won first prize for a street theater piece based on the use of garbage cans. “We made it into a comedy with the music of our group. Winning these top prizes in both categories has brought immense joy to the children,” added Chhibba.
Anhad Mishra, 14, a resident of Sector 27 and a student of Somerville School, won first prize in the short film category with a 3.45-minute video on the beautification of Noida. A self-taught filmmaker, Mishra said he spent hours studying the work undertaken by the Authority and translated it into the clip.
Sarat Parida, a fine arts teacher at Mayoor School in Sector 126, won first prize in the painting competition with art that fused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mahatma Gandhi’s view on cleanliness.
Meanwhile, Sector 51 RWA became the only resident corps to win first prize in the mural category. “Our goal was to beautify the wall and the area. In this way, people will not dirty the walls and will also be encouraged to keep the locality clean,” said Anita Joshi, President of RWA Blocks A and B of the area.
The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Public Health) of Noida Authority, SC Mishra, said the competition is aimed at involving people in the Swachh mission. “We will issue certificates to all participants while winners will be congratulated on January 31,” he said.

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