Kangana Ranaut Says Many Bollywood Scripts Are Subpar, Says Actors Unrelatable: ‘Dekhne me lagte hai uble hue ande’

Kangana Ranaut, who never minces his words, spoke again in support for films from the South. Praising their ability to stay in touch with their audience, Kangana said people are able to identify with Southern films because “they are deeply rooted in their culture”.

“The way they connect with their audience, it’s very strong,” Kangana told ABP Live, condemning the way Bollywood actors and their child stars fly abroad, watch movies in English and speak only in English, which creates more gap between them and the public.

Stating specifically that she has no intention of “trolling anyone,” Kangana said, “With us, kids go abroad to complete their education. They speak in English, only watch movies. Hollywood movies. Speak differently. So how will they connect? Dekhne me bhi ajeeb se aise lagte hai jaise uble hue ande (They even look weird like boiled eggs). So people can’t identify themselves. She added that the success of Pushpa The Rise was due to the actor donning a look that was relatable.

“Look how Pushpa looks like someone we know. Each worker is able to connect with him. Tell me which of our actors can look like a worker? They can not. Thus, their culture (from the cinema of the South) and their down-to-earth pay them. I hope they don’t start taking inspiration from the West,” Kangana said.

As the conversation continued, Kangana said that Bollywood films can earn upwards of Rs 300 crore due to racketeering run by big camps. The actor said his fight has always been for rich content, and today audiences are able to understand that. She said that most of the scripts coming from these camps (referring to the big production houses) were of lower quality, which is also one of the reasons why she never agreed to be part of the film or play with stars.

Uss racket ka part banne se hamesha se hi mana kia hai. Jitni films mana kari maine bade bade heroes aur production houses ke saath, unki guarantees this, but the content is substandard ka tha. Tabhi nahi ki. (I didn’t want to be part of the racketeering. All the movies I rejected with big production houses and heroes was because the content was substandard),” she said.

Kangana is currently promoting his film Dhaakad, which is released on May 20. The film sees her sharing screen space with Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta.

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