‘Mayans MC’ Renewed for Season 5; Elgin James gets a new contract – Comic-Con – Deadline

FX Mayans MC will return for Season 5, it was revealed during the show’s panel at Comic-Con on Sunday. The gritty motorcycle drama ended its fourth season on June 14.

Additionally, 20th Television, part of Disney Television Studios, has signed co-creator Elgin James to a new multi-year overall deal.

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“20 is my home,” James said in a statement. “Dana, Karey and Jane are a family who have always supported, supported and challenged me to bring out the best in myself. I am incredibly grateful to them and the entire team at 20th. I look forward to to see what we can create together in the future. And every member of the Mayans family, from our top of the call list to our plateau PAs and every person in between, has put their blood and sweat into make Mayans something special on set and on screen I am deeply indebted to John, Eric, Nick and all FX (especially Colette Wilson who has been in the trenches with us since day one) for us allowing us to continue to explore and create.

Last season, EZ Reyes (JD Pardo) fully embraced the dark side following a series of tragic events, including the murder of his former love Gaby Castillo (Sulem Calderon) by his own hand. In the dying moments of the season finale, Reyes took his place at the head of the table – literally – after he and the rest of the MC ousted club El Presidente from his position.

With Bishop (Michael Irby) as second-in-command and an all-out war coming with SAMCRO, it’s unclear what chaos Season 5 will bring.

“Yeah, we always knew we wanted to go [with EZ]“, James previously told Deadline. “In Season 4, we definitely stepped on the gas a bit. When creating these characters, Kurt [Sutter] and I talked about how EZ had this path and was going to go to Stanford but it would never happen. The universe was going to spit him out where he belonged – that was always going to be his fate. For three seasons he wasn’t sure if he was in or out, but now he’s all in. He makes the wrong decisions but he handles it the same way he did with his dog when he was little where he did what no one else could. That’s what he does now with the club where there are egos, it’s like with Bishop [Michael Irby]Angel [Clayton Cardenas]. And I don’t say ego in a negative way.

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