Millie Bobby Brown’s Salary Makes Her One of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Teen Actresses

Millie Bobby Brown has been named one of the highest paid teen actors for starting salaries.

Thanks to the star’s incredible work with Netflix for Stranger Things, she’s set to earn $10 million for her return to Enola Holmes. The character is set to see a sequel for the streaming service.

According Varietystreaming services like Apple, Netflix and Prime Video pay stars more money for popular shows.

Millie Bobby Brown’s salary makes the list

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Other celebrities who receive a good salary include Leonardo DiCaprio. The Titanic star is set to get $30 million for Apple’s Killers of the Flower Moon. Brad Pitt will also receive the same amount for an untitled Formula 1 drama.

Then there’s Will Smith, who reportedly pocketed $35 million for his work in the runaway slave thriller “Emancipation.”

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown isn’t the only actor to receive a huge check from Netflix, either. Chris Hemsworth would receive $20 million to reprise his role from an Extraction sequel.

Tom Cruise’s epic contract could net him $100 million

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The highest salary goes to Tom Cruise for Top Gun: Maverick. It is estimated that the star will recoup around $100 million from his salary, ticket sales and streaming deals after negotiating the terms of his contract.

Cruise proves he’s one of the small group of Hollywood stars where they bring fans to the movies, not the movie itself. Sources believe that his huge payment is due to his contract. Where he receives a percentage of the movies first dollar gross. But his deal is unique, more the exception than the rule for showbiz.

Variety claims that the biggest actors on the big screen have ordered $20 million for their roles. This ties into Jim Carrey’s salary for The Cable Guy in 1996. However, that number has changed with inflation and as more and more celebrities saturate the industry.

Another example being Jason Momoa negotiating his contract for Aquaman 2 to fetch $15 million. After the first film surpassed $1 billion at the box office and on streaming sites, he successfully negotiated his deal to double the payout.

It comes after Margot Robbie was named one of Hollywood’s highest paid women after it was revealed she had received $12.5million for Barbie. It also looks like she got paid the same as co-star Ryan Gosling, who played Ken, with equal pay.

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