Model and actress Joi Broughton explains her 5-step wash routine


Finding the right hair products is essential for a successful wash day. New York model and actress Joi Broughton takes us through her typical hour-long routine, products she can’t live without keeping her curls intact. “Because I’m an actor, I have to keep my hair consistent,” Joi explains. “I have to look like my headshots all the time.”

Although her diet was a science, finding what worked for her hair was a challenge. “My hair texture [and] my hair type was so different from the rest of my family, ”Joi explains. “So in terms of my identity, I just didn’t know what was going on. During Broughton’s childhood in Nassau, she didn’t have access to natural hair products, which made it even more difficult to define her washing routine. “I was using whatever I could find,” Broughton says. “It was just, like, loaded with alcohol, drying my hair, but I didn’t know any better. I just didn’t have access to other things.

In 2019, Joi was diagnosed with dermatitis on her scalp, which prompted her to rethink the products she used. “I thought I had dandruff,” she says. “I was given a lot of steroids and prescribed things that I didn’t necessarily want to use.” Now the actor uses Head & Shoulders shampoo to soothe his sensitive skin.

Joi’s wash day trip has helped her establish the perfect routine for her hair type and embrace her natural curls. “When I started to realize that my hair was different, I really didn’t like it,” she says. “I [finally] I had an aha moment because I hadn’t realized how beautiful my natural curls looked before. I was like, ‘wow, my hair is really beautiful. I love my hair. ‘”Joi’s journey to love her hair, like many women, has unfolded over time and has raised questions about her identity and lineage. In the video above, l The actress tells us how she learned to love her hair and a five-step routine that she can’t live without.

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