Music by Kelly Clarkson featured in Christmas movie Hallmark


Kelly Clarkson, present on The Voice, released a collection of Christmas music, appearing on Hallmark’s Sister Swap: Christmas In The City.

Kelly Clarkson, a beloved coach of The voice, will have his new debut single on the Hallmark channel Sister exchange: Christmas in the city. Featured on the NBC series since Season 14, Kelly has been an integral part of the series, sharing her incredible voice, industry knowledge, as well as her memorable sense of humor. Full of passion for the series and for her current Season 21 squad, Kelly continues to please fans of the series as she once again competes alongside her fellow coaches.

During the last season of The voice, Kelly has had a number of successes and some heartbreaking realities. By bonding with Ariana Grande throughout their first season of training together, the two have drawn audiences with their iconic friendship. While Kelly has had a memorable season, she has had a difficult year regarding her personal life, navigating life after divorce. With a number of ups and downs, Kelly has managed not to let life distract her from the competition, giving her team their undivided attention throughout the process. And working on some new music, apparently.


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Kelly shared his excitement for his new song included in the holiday movie Sister Exchange: Christmas in the City on Twitter. His latest album, As Christmas approaches, was released on October 15th and one of the songs will appear on the soundtrack of the Christmas Welfare movie. With a number of exciting guests on his album including Brett Eldredge and even his Voice co-star Ariana Grande, fans of the show will certainly enjoy Kelly’s latest take on it. As the holiday season continues, fans of The voice can expect plenty of cheesy romances featured on the Hallmark Channel, as well as Kelly Clarkson’s music on the network this Christmas.

With the release of a new album and inclusion on the popular Holiday Channel, Kelly has certainly entered the holiday spirit this year. Full of reinvented classics and even a few sassy nods to her ex-husband, Kelly’s new Christmas album is the perfect blend of nostalgia and determination. Although her personal life is less than magical at the moment, with Kelly’s recent divorce she has managed to make the most of the vacation, whether in her new version or her joint efforts with Hallmark.

Basically Kelly Clarkson is already winning this holiday season as she encourages fans to embrace the holidays no matter what stage in life they are and keep busy. With 15 new songs to share and his work featured on Sister exchange: Christmas in the city, Kelly has a lot going on these days. During this time, The voice Season 21 is fully operational and headed for a controversial finale. Looks like Kelly might need some rest and relaxation after the holidays.

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Source: Kelly clarkson/ Twitter

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