“My heart started pounding when I saw Halle Berry at a game in New York”: Shaquille O’Neal reveals how shooting free throws in front of the American actress was her “favorite moment “



Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal hilariously revealed how he requested a time-out as his “heart started to pound” watching Halle Berry in a game against New York.

When we talk about the greatest man in basketball history, Shaquille O’neal is the only name that is constantly mentioned in this conversation. Standing at 7-1 and weighing 325 pounds, Shaq was a nightmare for any player who had the duty of guarding him. And because of its inhuman size, The Diesel was able to control painting on both sides of the pitch, night after night, for nearly two long decades.

By the end of his illustrious 19-year career, Shaq had 15 All-Star appearances, 14 All-NBA selections, 2 scoring titles, 4 NBA championships, 3 MVP finals, 1 MVP, 28,596 points scored, numerous posterizers and several broken backboards.

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In a recent appearance on “Kelly Clarkson’s ShowShaq revealed one of his favorite moments as Laker. And no, it’s not his championships, famous dunks or all-star game moments.

Let’s take a look.

Shaquille O’Neal reveals how Halle Berry watching her MSG game was her ‘favorite moment in time’

On the talk show with Kelly Clarkson, Big Diesel answered a wide range of questions. O’Neal also revealed what made playing the Lakers special for him. He said:

“I wanted to give superstars the same pleasure they gave me,” he said. “Like, when I walk into the game and see Denzel [Washington] and Jack Nicholson, like, when I’m at home watching Netflix, they give me so much pleasure that I would always say, ‘OK, they’re here to watch me and Kobe [Bryant] winning the championship, I have to make sure I always play well.

Although he was very successful in LA, his “favorite moment” was playing against New York at Maddison Square Garden, when American actress Halle Berry was also present. Shaq further revealed how he managed to pull off his free throws in order to impress Berry.

“My favorite moment, New York, Maddison Square Garden. I’m on the free throw line, and I’m looking at the stairs, and it’s Halle Berry; she goes down the stairs.

“My heart started to beat, I get nervous, I call a time out. The coach said, ‘What are you doing ?!’ I said, ‘Shut up, Halle Berry is here to watch me. No one is shooting, make sure I have the ball. And guess what, I did the free throw. I did the free throw, I was looking at Halle like [winks]. “

“So when I was young, I stuttered. She’s the only woman who makes my stutter come back.

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To call a Shaquille O’Neal a bad free throw shooter would be an understatement. During his 19-year career, he visited the charity 11,252 times, converting just 52.7% on hits.

You never know, if Halle Berry had attended every Shaq game, O’Neal might have been the best free throw shooter in history.


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