Review: FX’s ‘Archer’ Season 12 Episode 2 “Lowjacked”



The twelfth season of Archer (Adam Reed, Frisky Goofy) is out. Which means that Sterling Mallory Archer (H. Jon Benjamin, Bob’s burgers) is back. And ISIS too, and with that logic, dysfunctional workplace comedy is also back. In the first episode of the season, audiences find ISIS in an economic quagmire. On this second episode, the dilemma is resolved. Because there is a new generous donor! Aliases: Robert (Stephen Tobolowksy, Californication). Alias: Lana’s husband. While this new arrangement may prove complicated for Lana (Aisha Tyler, Criminal minds), as the lines between professional and private have been erased, it turns out to be hilarious for the public. Especially on a surprise team building trip. Maybe ISIS will reach Idaho.

In a rather unusual but happy twist of fate, the crew flew to Paris! On the Goldhawk! Two floors of Luxe air! It’s so good that Ray (Adam Reed) doesn’t want to fall asleep during the flight. But in another rather usual but unfortunate stroke of luck, the plane is hijacked by a group of eco-terrorists (Nica Futterman, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Tony Cavalero The right gems). Everyone puts their hands up, they don’t want to risk blowing their brains out with a recyclable 3D pistol. Only the bodies should fill the landfill. No plastic. How do you end this weird highjack? Transfer $ 1 million to an offshore account, which will be used for the cause of the land.

Of course, at this point, Pam (Nash Grier, Mr. Robot) kick ass. Either the high jackers kill them, or the police kill them, or they succeed. Either way, take advantage of it. Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. The Republic of Pamistan is officially independent. At the same time, Lana realizes that she is at a point in her marriage where she cannot stand anything Robert says or does. Especially now that Robert runs the company that pays her. And at the same time, Archer prepares a plan.

Cyril (Chris Parnell, SNL) must be Archer’s eyes and ears, which obviously proves somewhat problematic because Cyril… is Cyril. He gets punched in the face by an eco-terrorist, even if it is comparable to clubbing a baby seal. He is also trapped while Archer has sex with a flight attendant and while Pam, Cheryl (Judy Greer, 13 Go 30) and Krieger (Lucky Yates, American dust bags) dinner in a Benihana-type restaurant. In case someone has forgotten: there is a hostage-taking. But of course, it’s only Cyril who is in danger. And Robert, because he’s apparently the Target Alpha.

But Robert is too busy right now, having a monumental brawl with Lana in front of Malory (the late Jessica Walters, Development stopped). He wants to have a baby with Lana, but she doesn’t want to talk about it. She wants to go around and save the world, while Robert is only interested in building a world that resembles them. And as he finishes the last words of a sentence that says: you keep pretending you’re not a mother, but with kids it would be hard… he gets turned into high jackers by his own wife. Really classy, ​​really Lana? Luckily Robert is, well, Robert and agrees to give them the money. If they had made a deal he would have done it, no need for the bullying, you know.

The episode ends with Archer releasing the dogs, or rather a group of extremely groomed purebred canids. It also ends with ISIS having aided and abetted a group of terrorists (there’s something funny about that sentence) luckily it’s going to be some good publicity. Unfortunately, this means that the company has to cut back on certain expenses, such as alcohol and alcohol and alcohol.

This episode turned out to be Archer par excellence – full of booze, spirits, and people laundering in public when they should be saving the world. The next episodes will show the new dynamic that Lana, Robert, Archer and Mallory have now that there is a new sheriff in town.

Rating: 8.5 / 10



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