RIP Max Julien: Hollywood actor best known for his lead role in Blaxploitation film The Mack, dies on his 88th birthday


Max Julien, the actor best known for his lead performance in the 1973 blaxploitation classic The Mack, died at the age of 88. The official cause of death was not immediately available, reports News of Julien’s death has been confirmed by his friend, comic book author and filmmaker David F. Walker. RIP Stephen J Lawrence: Sesame Street composer dies at 82.

Walker posted a tribute to the late actor on his Instagram. Walker wrote: “I met Max in 1996. He was a great human being and we had so many amazing conversations. He was brilliant, hilarious and charismatic. RIP” Released in 1973, “The Mack” featured Julien and Richard Pryor. Julien played John ‘Goldie’ Mickens, a former convict on a mission to make a name for himself by becoming Oakland, Calif .’s greatest pimp, teaming up with Pryor’s Slim to build a criminal enterprise. RIP Betty White: Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and other celebrities mourn the loss of the legendary star.

Both find opposition from the efforts of black nationalists led by Goldie’s brother, as well as from racist law enforcement figures. The Mack has become one of the most prominent classics of the era of blaxploitation, with hip-hop and rap artists like Dr. Dre and Chief Keef sampling the audio from the film in their work. Born January 1, 1933 in Washington, DC, Julien began working as an actor in Off-Broadway and Shakespeare in the Park productions.

His first screen roles included “Psych-Out” and “Getting Straight”. Julien also worked as a screenwriter and producer, filling both roles and also playing in the 1974 western. Thomasine & Bushrod. He received a NAACP Image Award nomination for Best Writer of the Year for his work on the film. Julien also wrote and co-produced the 1973 feature film “Cleopatra Jones” with Tamara Dobson, who was the creator of one of the most enduring characters of the era of blaxploitation. Beyond cinema, Julien has also worked as an author, poet and sculptor.

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