Ryan Reynolds Birthday Special: From Deadpool to Detective Pikachu, 5 of the actor’s best movies to watch!

One of Hollywood’s most comedic presences, Ryan Reynolds is 46 and his train of success still continues. Being one of the biggest stars in action and comedy, Reynolds has consistently delivered his big budget productions and provided us with hours of entertainment. An actor who not only brings us great characters but also produces some really fun movies, Reynolds is someone you can guarantee will put a smile on your face with his films. Ryan Reynolds becomes the only actor to have 3 movies on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies of All Time list.

Have a large filmography that covers movies like Detective Pikachu, Mississippi Grind and one of the highest-grossing R-Rated films of all time, Reynolds certainly had a fun-filled career. So, with the star turning 46, let’s take a look at some of the actor’s best movies to watch.

Detective Pikachu

Being one of the few films based on a video game and actually turning out to be quite fun and good, Detective Pikachu was a breath of fresh air. With Reynolds voicing the fan-favorite Pokémon and Justice Smith being a great sidekick, this movie really showed off the passion and world of this classic franchise.


A departure for Reynolds as he took on a more serious role compared to his other comedians, Buried was a tense 95 minutes. A survival film that centers on a truck driver who finds himself buried in a coffin with only a few tools at its end, Reynolds really knocks it out of the park as Paul Conroy.

Deadpool 2

A sequel that goes further Deadpool 2 is a movie that expanded the Deadpool universe within Fox’s X-Men universe. With Cable (Josh Brolin) searching for a child who will cause much destruction in the future, Wade finds a more emotional side to him and does his best to do the right thing. It’s a great moment that will definitely put you in stitches.

Mississippi grind

A tragi-comedy that focuses on high-stakes gambling, Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn deliver chemistry that’s sure to make it onto your list of favorite movie duos. A character study at the core with a real heart behind it, Mississippi grind is a movie that will definitely make you have a good time.

dead Pool

To be a passion project for Reynolds, dead Pool was a huge hit when it was released. Focusing on Wade Wilson as he transforms into Merc with a Mouth, Reynolds brings this iconic character to the screen who looks pretty much a 1:1 with his comic book counterpart. With all the fourth walls broken and the violence of the character, this is by far Reynolds’ best work. Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Returns as Wolverine in Ryan Reynolds’ Marvel Movie; Released September 6, 2024 (Watch the video).

With the announcement of deadpool 3, we can’t wait to see what Reynolds brings us, especially with Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine as well. With that, we wrap up the list and wish Ryan Reynolds a very happy birthday.

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