Shayne Ward shares her time in Hollywood movies as her acting career takes off after Corrie’s death

Coronation Street star Hayne Ward has opened up about becoming a second time dad as well as an exciting career as a movie star.

The singer-turned-actor, 37, burst onto the scene in 2005 after being crowned the winner of season 2 of The X Factor, with his debut single, That’s My Goal, number one.

Since then, he has released four Top 20 albums and a string of singles, with his most recent, Crazy In Love, being released last year.

This year, the star has no intention of taking it easy, with her second daughter on the way and a few busy months of work ahead.

Shayne Ward and fiancée Sophie Austin prepare to welcome baby number two in May

Six years after welcoming his first child with his fiancée and former Hollywood star Sophie Austin, the chart-topper struggled to contain his joy as he talked about becoming parents for the second time.

He said to me, “We literally watch every couch go by like ‘what is this’.”

Sophie added: “I wasn’t so careful with Willow, I think it’s because I was filming so much but this one, we’re really excited, Willow is really excited.”

Parents are already mom and dad to daughter Willow
Parents are already mom and dad to daughter Willow

“She’s just amazing, she comes in every morning and says ‘Good morning mum, morning dad, I’m just going to say hi to my little sister’, it’s nice to hear her say little sister because she’s now automatically a big sister,” he said.

Interrupting her husband-to-be, Sophie joked, “The only thing you haven’t done is sing for the baby!” but Shayne claims she “didn’t listen to him”.

Shayne rose to fame as the winner of The X Factor
Shayne rose to fame as the winner of The X Factor

Following the announcement that The X Factor would not be returning, he said: “It never really goes away, we all know that, I think things go through a period of time and it kinda gets a little rest but it will eventually come back, it always does.”

While Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh sat on the judging panel, he explained his ideal judging panel would be Michael Buble, Sharon Osbourne, “I love Sharon, she’s been so great to me, I love her”, did he declare.

“Buble, Carrie Underwood, Sharon,” he added.

The singer stars in a film that will be released later this year
The singer stars in a film that will be released later this year

Looking ahead to 2022, Shayne said his main goal is to be a dad again before working on more music and a movie.

“I’m going to Nashville in March, to write, I have a movie coming out around June or July, called Young Gun with Alexis Rodney, I’m excited, back to music, back to acting, c It’s exciting to see the world again,” he beamed.

Actor Alexis has starred in Guardians of the Galaxy, Outlander and Kick Ass 2.

As the nation gathers to watch The Masked Singer finale and finally find out who’s behind the masks, he said, “[Heather Small] should have won it, I love it, I think it’s great.

“It was perfect, especially during lockdown for everyone, it was a bit of an escape, it’s one of those things, I love everyone’s responses when they do it and they say ‘I did it for my children “.”

Shayne continued, “It would be great to sing songs every night and make people guess it’s you, it’s kind of fun.”

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