‘She was so beautiful I wanted to flirt’: Shaquille O’Neal was amazed by the beauty of the Hollywood actress after sitting next to her on a plane

Shaquille O’Neal’s flirty side may not be seen often, but he sure has it. He once spent an entire interview flirting with TV show host Rocsi Diaz on E! News « Daily pop. The flirting began after the co-host tricked Shaq into showing off some of his own modeling skills, after which he made a “call me” gesture towards Diaz. This isn’t the first time Shaquille has flirted in the public eye.

In 2016, in a “Lip Sync Battle”, Shaq performed the Flashdance song “Maniac”. The song originally featured Jennifer Beals. This, however, is not when his infatuation with the gorgeous star Jennifer Beals began. Shaq remembers once sitting next to a woman on a plane and couldn’t stop flirting.


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Later, it turned out to be none other than Jennifer Beals herself. He found her gorgeous revealing that he really wanted to flirt with her. Shaquille O’Neal wondered whether or not he should start with a Flashdance question. Later, he met Jennifer at baggage claim and the two struck up a conversation. Shaq liked Jennifer to be nice and, interestingly, she was the first superstar he had ever met.


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Shaq’s 1983 tribute to Jennifer Beals’ 1983 Flashdance during the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ will go down as one of television‘s greatest moments. He channeled his inner Jennifer Beals by paying tribute to her and crushing her opponent, Ayesha Taylor.

Shaquille O’Neal was amazed by Jennifer Beals

An old interview about O’Neal’s meeting with Jennifer Beals was covered by USA today recently.

Shaq said, “God, she was so beautiful. I wanted to flirt, but I didn’t want to lead with this ‘Flashdance’ issue. We land and meet at baggage claim. So I introduced myself and asked if she was in ‘Flashdance. “. It was Jennifer Beals. She was one of the first superstars I ever met. And she was so sweet. That’s why I love her.

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most desirable personalities. The four-time NBA champion with Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat has dated a number of Hollywood women, but it’s obvious she holds a dear place in his heart.

Shaq makes Rocsi Diaz blush with his flirting skills.

Shaq appeared on E! News “Daily Pop” and completely pissed off Rosci with her flirting. He spent the entire interview making the star gush with his lines!


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O’Neal said, “I could never be sad and pout with you sitting there; She’s still in my DMs. I just wanted you to know that.”


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He later admitted that he was joking and that it was all a lot of fun. Shaq’s flirting game is definitely on point.

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