Summer on the Farm 2022: air date and everything we know

summer on the farm 2022 heads to Channel 5 to explore the joys of the season at Cannon Hill Farm.

summer on the farm 2021 was a hit series last year, along with annual spring and winter farm visits, the second season of the heartwarming, live-action series will catch up with South Yorkshire farm animals and investigate what what summer means for rural communities around the UK.

Here’s everything we know about Summer on the farm 2022

Summer on the Farm 2022 – when does it air?

The five-part show will air nightly in the UK from Monday July 4 to Friday July 8 at 8 p.m. on Channel 5. Each episode will also be available on My5.

Who is presenting Summer on the Farm 2022?

Regular host Helen Skelton is back to oversee proceedings and this time she’s joined by former spring watch and winter guard presenter Martin Hughes-Games, replacing regular co-host Jules Hudson. Resident farmers of Cannon Hall Farm, brothers Dave and Rob Nicholson, will also be back.

“Helen is amazing and an honor to work with her,” Martin told What To Watch. “She imbues the show with energy and is supportive. I’m nervous and excited. I haven’t done live TV in a long time. But I can’t wait to be there. I love the show because it’s so eclectic. And good farmers are amazing stewards of the countryside and should be celebrated.

Martin Hughes-Games outside in a red checkered shirt holding a lamb for the summer on the farm

Martin Hughes-Games will make animal friends in Summer on the Farm. (Image credit: Channel 5)

What else to come in Summer on the Farm 2022?

Helen, Martin and the Nicholsons will try a variety of summer activities in and around the farm.

summer on the farm like a village festival with animals! Hélène enthuses. “It’s a celebration, and I hope it gives people a little ‘feel good’. There will be classic rural activities – we have knife making, bird watching, kayaking, sheep shearing, hay baling and beekeeping. Anything involving Rob and Dave competing is fun because they take it very seriously and we’ll get involved too. I don’t know how competitive Martin is or how keen he is to bale hay!

Helen will also travel to her native Cumbria for a special walk in honor of fellwalker Alfred Wainwright, and Martin will visit Kielder Observatory in Northumberland.

“We’re going to encourage people to stargaze,” says Martin. “I saw Saturn’s rings – it was breathtaking – and a ‘strawberry’ moon, which I thought was named because it was strawberry in color, but that’s because it appears when the strawberries ripen.”

JLS singer and farmer JB Gill will showcase rural crafts including thatching and meet local food producers including cheese makers and chip makers. Meanwhile, Dr Amir Khan will offer seasonal health advice, including how to deal with hay fever, and farm chef Tim Bilton will cook up delicious summer dishes.

JB Gill in a white top and peach shirt and white helmet holding thatch outside a thatched house in Summer on the Farm.

JB Bill tries his hand at thatching in Summer on the Farm. (Image credit: Channel 5)

What animals will feature in Summer on the Farm?

As usual, a wide range of animals that live in Cannon Hill will appear on the show during the week and the Channel 5’s team The Yorkshire Vet will be available to deal with emergencies and imminent births.

“One of the Shire horses has just had a foal, there will also be Shetland foals and lambs and dwarf goats,” Helen reveals. “They seem to be timing each other well, so we have live births and everyone will be on deck!”

Dave Nicholson in a gray shirt holding a black and white lamb for Summer on the Farm

Farmer Dave Nicholson with one of Cannon Hall Farm’s fluffy residents in the summer on the farm. (Image credit: Channel 5)

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