The Best Grilling TV Shows That Can Help You Bring The Flame Control



Summer and grilling go hand in hand, and these best grilling TV shows just might put you in control of the flame. While there is a big difference between the different types of barbecuing, grilling, and smoking, the reality is that learning a few cooking techniques and skills can turn even those burgers from boring to delicious.

While many people turn to YouTube, Instagram, or even TikTok for a variety of cooking techniques, tips, and other tricks, the cooking TV show offers a deeper dive into this world of cooking on the flame. .

As Dale Talde shared in the FoodSided interview, grilling is the only cooking method that adds flavor to foods. This char is just as important as the seasoning of the food.

Ready to grill, watch these best grilling TV shows.

All Up in My Grill with Dale Talde

Available on Tastemade, Everything in my grill is Dale Talde’s new culinary TV show. While the celebrity chef mixes techniques without taking himself too seriously, there is a lot of information to be learned in 30 minutes. By using the grill as an outdoor kitchen, Talde proves that all types of food can be prepared on the grill. From brunch to boiling seafood, open the lid on the possibilities offered by the grill.

Barbecue fight

This culinary contest on the Food Network could be for both contestants and celebrity chefs, but Barbecue fight has some important grilling techniques between the jokes of Michael Symon and Bobby Flay. Seeing the differences between grilling, smokers, and other cooking techniques, the reality is that there are many food tricks smoldering in these embers.

Barbecue at the chef’s table

David Gelb is a master at telling the stories of chefs. In Barbecue at the chef’s table, he dives deep into this world of food. As each story tells a lifetime of learning, growing and creating this epic flavor, there is a lot to devour in this Netflix series. The biggest takeaway is that the desire to be better at grilling starts with appreciating that the journey is long.

Man Fire Food

Hosted by Roger Mooking, Man Fire Food, on the Cooking Channel, explores all the different ways people cook with fire. From that little campfire to traditional ways of grilling foods from diverse cultures, this food TV show has it all covered. Over the show’s many seasons, Mooking has explored how this grill gives flavor. If you need some grilling inspiration, there’s at least one show that has it covered.

What are your picks for the best grilling TV shows? Did you learn any tips, tricks or tricks while watching these food TV shows?


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