The Sound of Music’s Liesl von Trapp star Charmian Carr is unrecognizable 56 years after his film debut

THE HILLS was alive and well with the Sound of Music in 1965, when the infamous musical film first hit our screens.

The blockbuster film follows the story of Maria, an Austrian nun in training, played by Julie Andrews, who ends up working as a nanny for the wealthy Von Trapp family.


Maria (Julie Andrews) and Liesel (Charmain Carr)
The story of Maria and the Von Trapp family takes place in 1938


The story of Maria and the Von Trapp family takes place in 1938

The story is set in 1938 when the main character ends up falling in love with the father of seven von Trapp children, and then becomes their stepmother.

It’s been 56 years since the movie first came out, and all of its stars are completely different from what they were doing back then, especially the von Trapps.

The offspring of seven men consisted of two sons and five daughters; Friedrich von Trapp, Louisa von Trapp, Kurt von Trapp, Brigitta von Trapp, Marta von Trapp, Gretl von Trapp and of course the eldest, Liesel von Trapp.

Charmain Carr was the actress who played the notable role of Liesel, whose infamous “16 passes 17” character, in the movie, as the song explained.

At the time, the star was actually 23 and beat out big names like Geraldine Chaplin and Mia Farrow for the role.

Despite his popularity in the role, Charmain did not continue to act and withdrew from the profession in order to start a family and start his own business.

She ran a successful interior design business in California and raised her two daughters in the following years.

However, she didn’t put her Sound of Music fame in the past, devoting time to writing two books on the experience titled Forever Liesl and Letters to Liesl.

In her 70s, Charmain was still as gorgeous as in Sound of Music, and while she might not be immediately recognizable, her bright blue eyes still stood out.

Sadly, she passed away on September 17, 2016, at the age of 73, in her Los Angeles, California home from frontotemporal dementia.

Charmain photographed a few years before his death


Charmain photographed a few years before his death
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