TV Tonight: Can Anyone Sing, In Just Six Weeks? | Television

everyone can sing

8 p.m., Sky Arts

“My daughter forbade me to sing…but in my ears it sounds wonderful – I sound like Tina Turner.” Shirley, 65, hopes to be one of the disabled contestants who have six weeks to learn how to sing opera with the help of vocal coaches. The end goal: a live performance at the London Coliseum, and a duet with Katherine Jenkins along the way. It’s a glorious and refreshing celebration of those who naturally can’t do it like Tina. Hollie Richardson

Glow Up Ireland

8 p.m., BBC 3

The theme for this week’s colorful makeup contest is film, so the guest judge is Irish-born, Oscar-winning makeup artist Michèle Burke, who has lent her talents to films including Quest for Fire, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Minority Postponement. The challenge for tonight’s competitors? Create a look that embodies their worst fear. Ali Catterall

Masters in Interior Design
With Alan Carr

9 p.m., BBC One

The winning formula of this show: the locker room, interspersed with punchlines by Alan Carr. Tonight, design hopefuls head to Salisbury to update struggling stores in the age of online shopping, including a bridal boutique slated for a loft-style makeover in New York. Henry Wong

How to survive a pandemic

9 p.m., Sky Documentaries

This documentary by Oscar-nominated filmmaker David France traces the race to produce a vaccine against Covid-19, from images shot at the time. It’s disconcerting to look back on those early weeks of the pandemic. But it’s pretty amazing too. TIME

Storyville: The Earth is Blue Like an Orange

10 p.m., BBC Four

A gripping, timely and sometimes even surprisingly lighthearted film from the Storyville series, showing how war impacts daily family life. Directed by Iryna Tsilyk, it follows single mother Anna and her four children, who lived through the Ukrainian conflict in Donbass in 2020, and sees them create dramatized re-enactments in their home of their experiences. TIME

Sarah Kendall in Frayed. Photo: Lisa Tomasetti/Sky UK


10:30 p.m. Sky Max

Sarah Kendall’s bizarre 1980s comedy-drama achieves a thrilling, almost epic season two finale. An earthquake has hit Newcastle, New South Wales, uncovering the buried body which could put Sammy (Kendall) and his son in jail. But Sammy has alienated everyone, so who’s going to help? Jack Seale

Live sports

Premiership Rugby Cup: Bristol Bears v Gloucester 7.30pm, BT Sport 1. Fifth round match at Ashton Gate.

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