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  • Jefferson joined the cast of Chicago PD
  • He is known for his role in Yellowstone.
  • He has several ongoing projects.

Jefferson White is heading from Montana to Chicago. The Yellowstone the actor joined the cast of Chicago PD in a recurring role. His character is linked to a familiar face in the Chicago PD world.

If you are not a Yellowstone super fan, you might be curious: who is Jefferson White? The 34-year-old has been acting for almost a decade now. Here’s what you need to know about this talented actor.

Jefferson White
Jefferson White on the October 19 episode of “Chicago PD” (NBC)

1. Jefferson plays Sean O’Neal in Chicago PD

Sean is the son of police chief Patrick O’Neal, who is played by Michael Gaston. Sean helps intelligence find a missing girl, and their investigation leads them to a human trafficking ring. “He has access to communities that don’t necessarily trust the CPD because of history and tension,” Jefferson said. TVLine. “Sean himself has a complicated relationship with the police, and that also means he has a completely different perspective on [the case].”

2. Jefferson plays Jimmy in Yellowstone.

Jefferson plays Jimmy Hurdstram in Yellowstone. Jimmy is a ranch hand at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. John Dutton knew Jimmy’s grandfather and brought him to work at the ranch. Jimmy was sent to Texas to work at the 6666 Ranch in season 4. It was there that he met his now fiancée Emily.

3. Jefferson will return for Yellowstone season 5.

Fans wondered if Jefferson would be back for Season 5, which premieres Nov. 13, after Jimmy and Emily left the Dutton Ranch at the end of Season 4 to return to Texas. “I’m in season 5. Jimmy is in season 5,” the actor said We Weekly. “It’s awesome. I’m really looking forward to it. I didn’t necessarily know what Jimmy’s future was. I still don’t know exactly what Jimmy’s future holds.

4. Jefferson has 3 big movies in the works.

Jefferson has already finished filming the movie Eileenwhich also features Anne Hathaway. He also shot the movie Civil war, by Alex Garland next movie. He is about to start production on the action movie snowy.

Jefferson White
Jefferson White at the SAG Awards. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock for the SAG Awards)

5. Jefferson loves photography.

The actor frequently posts his photographs on his instagram. He uses 35mm and 120mm for many of his shots. Jefferson photographed beautiful landscapes, his time on the set of Yellowstoneand more.

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