Wicked’s Cynthia Erivo Talks Chemistry With Ariana Grande, Teases “New Spin” About Beloved Musical

2021 has been a big one year for musicalslike projects like West Side Story, Dear Evan Hansenand Tick, tick…BOOM! have all been made public. The tried and true genre will continue with highly anticipated films, including the upcoming Bad film directed by Jon M. Chu. Cynthia Erivo will play Elphabaand recently opened up about his chemistry with Ariana Grande, while teasing a new take on the beloved musical.

Cynthia Erivo is a stage and film star who won a Tony Award for her performance in The purple color. Broadway fans were thrilled to see that she would play the green girl in Badwhere she will play opposite Ariana Grande co-lead G(a)linda. Erivo recently opened up about the start of her collaboration with the iconic pop star, saying:

I can tell you that Ariana is wonderful. We’re both really starting to find our bearings and finding our relationship and really enjoying each other’s time and space and conversations. He’s the sweetest person.

I don’t cry, you cry. The friendship between Glinda and Bad is the main plot of Bad, so it’s great that the two talented stars are already getting along long before production. And they both have their roots in theaters; Grande starred in the Broadway production of 13 before his transition to television.

Cynthia Erivo’s comments to HEY comes from her recent red carpet appearance at the SAG Awards. Eventually the conversation turned to Badwhich has the potential to give him the opportunity to finish his EGOT with an Oscar. Erivo revealed that rehearsals are set to begin in July, before filming begins.

Aside from the talented pair of lead actors, audiences are thrilled to Bad thanks to the director behind the camera. boobies rich asian filmmaker Jon M. Chu proved he could nail a musical with In the heights, and it jumps back into gender. Cynthia Erivo mentioned Chu when explaining how the movie holds surprises for fans, saying:

Jon Chu is excited, very, very excited. He works very hard. I think it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. I think we will take advantage of it. We’ll try to put our own spin on what we already know and show you the story of two women [who] are sisters.

One of the many daunting tasks Jon M. Chu has ahead of him to Bad gathers the rest of the ensemble cast. And given how beloved Stephen Schwartz’s characters and songs are, all eyes will be on the attached performers. For his part, Chu would be looking for real wheelchair users for the role of Elphaba’s sister, Nessarose.

the Bad The film currently doesn’t have a release date, but hopefully that will come once the cameras start rolling. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next cinematic experience.

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