Xbox 360 owners might have a piece of Hollywood history in their basement



Talk to an influencer and a professional player Nate Hill, Chalamet revealed that in his youth he actually spray painted and “modified” Xbox 360 controllers on his own YouTube channel, selling them to customers for $ 10 per controller. Chalamet said he ended up painting only three controllers, but sold them all for a quick cashout of $ 30.

by Chalamet ModdedController360 The channel is still live and available on YouTube, although it can be difficult to recognize the voice of the then 14-year-old Chalamet in the videos. The actor can be seen talking about his hobby and the controllers he painted in all three videos on his channel, although given his busy schedule he no longer indulges in the hobby. like he did before. That said, there are three lucky people who arguably have a part of Hollywood history and a potentially expensive part.

You can watch Chalamet in Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of “Dune,” which is currently in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, as well as Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch” only in theaters. Chalamet is also known for his work in “Call Me By Your Name” in 2017 and “Beautiful Boy” in 2018 where he starred alongside Steve Carell. He is also expected to play the role of Willy Wonka in the upcoming original “Wonka,” which was revealed to be filmed through a Instagram Chalamet post itself.


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